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To throw away ugly Xmas cards I receive?

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BollockSandwich Fri 11-Dec-15 11:48:05

Some of the Xmas cards we've received this year are really horrible, gaudy, cheap looking things.

I don't want ugly cards on display in my house so I want to just keep the nice ones that fit with my colour scheme.

DH said he doesn't care and also doesn't want ugly cards up.

My friend came around today and was horrified by the idea that I wouldn't display every card we get, no matter how ugly.

So WIBU to dump all of the cards I don't like? We don't have any visitors over Xmas so no risk of offending anyone by this if they come and don't see their card up.

Floggingmolly Fri 11-Dec-15 11:49:21

Your colour scheme... confused What colours fit in?

AnchorDownDeepBreath Fri 11-Dec-15 11:49:37's your house. It's not really in the spirit of things, but if no-one will find out, do what makes you happy.

Recycle them, though.

LittlestLightOnTheTree Fri 11-Dec-15 11:49:52

Recycle them I hope?

Xmas cards are outdated now anyway. Yab ridiculous over the colour scheme/design thing tho

Callthemodwife Fri 11-Dec-15 11:50:51

I recycle all the Christmas cards I receive. And I never send any. Grinch grinch grinch.

Jw35 Fri 11-Dec-15 11:51:00

No YANBU do what you like. It's an odd one though!

PansyGiraffe Fri 11-Dec-15 11:51:23

Teal, silver and snowflakes I very much hope.

Bambooshoots14 Fri 11-Dec-15 11:52:28

Colour scheme?! YABU

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Fri 11-Dec-15 11:52:44

Tbh I just dump cards in a pile on the table. All cards - ugly or otherwise - irritate the shit out of me!

YANBU for not putting them up.
YABU for throwing them out before Christmas Day.


BollockSandwich Fri 11-Dec-15 11:52:44

I have a white tree with teal decorations so not too much fits in with it to be honest!

catfordbetty Fri 11-Dec-15 11:53:05

really horrible, gaudy, cheap looking

It's possible that some people think the same thing about your colour scheme.

BollockSandwich Fri 11-Dec-15 11:53:36

Don't people have colour schemes at Xmas? Genuine question.

BollockSandwich Fri 11-Dec-15 11:54:12

cat Perhaps but I meant my house colour scheme not my cards.

ThursdayLastWeek Fri 11-Dec-15 11:55:02

I think it makes you sound a bit vain.

I wouldn't be horrified, but I'd definitely pin you down as ungrateful.

mrstiggy Fri 11-Dec-15 11:56:29

So what's your view on people giving presents in paper that doesnt match your 'scheme' OP?

DonkeyOaty Fri 11-Dec-15 11:56:32

I knew your scheme would be teal and white! Very "this year" innit.

Do recycle rather than bin.

scarlets Fri 11-Dec-15 11:56:42

Those cheap flimsy little ones that children send to their classmates en masse are irritating and keep falling over. Not sure about the colour scheme problem though!

Sidge Fri 11-Dec-15 11:57:48

Most people send Christmas cards to friends and family to show that they're thinking of them at Christmastime.

Not to enable faux-stylish accessorising of your naff Christmas theme.

Maybe let them know for next year so they can save themselves the effort and expense?

SometimesItRains Fri 11-Dec-15 11:58:00

OP have you requested that others follow your scheme for their gifts to you? grin

HackerFucker22 Fri 11-Dec-15 11:58:08

I have a tree colour scheme (silver, so not that strict or unusual). Kids have their own tree and anything goes!!

HackerFucker22 Fri 11-Dec-15 11:58:47

Eta I adore cards and display them all. So far we have a grand total of 4!!

KitKat1985 Fri 11-Dec-15 11:58:49

I do think the colour scheme thing for cards is a bit, well, odd. However obviously it's up to you what you do with them. I frankly wish we as a nation could just all agree to stop sending the bloody things. The amount of wasted money and environmental impact must be huge. Every year I tell myself I'm not going to get sucked in to sending cards this year, then I tell myself I'll just send a handful to people who send us one, then I get sucked into 'well I can't send just send one to person x and not then to person y', and then before I know it I'm sending loads of them again.

Eigg Fri 11-Dec-15 11:58:52

I think you are missing the point of Christmas cards (to share love and joy with your friends and family) but it's your house obviously.

And no, everyone does not have a Christmas colour scheme grin

BollockSandwich Fri 11-Dec-15 11:59:14

mrstiggy Presents that look good at the front, ugly paper or badly wrapped presents shoved at the back where they can't be seen.

Donkey Yeah, I just love it.

Scarlets The kids all have their classmates cards in their bedrooms- millions of the bloody things!

DonkeyOaty Fri 11-Dec-15 11:59:41

We don't have colour schemes because of the various wonky handmade decs made by our children over the years are all colours.

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