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To think pets should only be allowed in ground floor flats

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frillybiscuits Thu 10-Dec-15 23:21:39

I'm sure there is a rule in council flats that you can only have large animals (cats and dogs) in ground floor flats but I may be wrong. My neighbour upstairs has a dog and the noise caused by it running around, playing and going about its own business is horrendous. I have nothing against people having pets. I have a cat of my own and they didn't know I had her until she accidentally got out one day and I asked them to keep an eye out for me. This means they can't hear her meowing or running about. Now the dog is just turning adult so has more growing to do yet so the noise will get louder. Obviously it can't help having to run around and such, it can't just stay in one place 24/7. They let it out for a run in their garden once a day so has a lot of energy to use up inside. It sounds like an elephant is crashing around up there and I struggle to hear my tv/talk to visitors when it's doing so. My midwife had to leave and wait until our next appointment because she couldn't concentrate on talking to me.

Also I know that there are people out there with pets that can't choose if they have a ground floor flat or not and don't want to get rid of a family member but other residents do need to be considered when noise is concerned.

AIBU to think large pets shouldn't be allowed in any flat that isn't ground level because of the noise?

MrsTerryPratchett Thu 10-Dec-15 23:24:08

YABU. But flats should be properly soundproofed.

RomComPhooey Thu 10-Dec-15 23:25:45

If you're pregnant (midwife ref), you'll be giving as good as you get soon enough - or at least the baby will. Live and let live, I say. You might be glad of a bit of mutual tolerance when your baby is bellowing its lungs out at 3am...

frillybiscuits Thu 10-Dec-15 23:26:30

I've just read through my tenancy agreement and it does state that pets may only be kept in houses, bungalows and ground floor flats so neighbour shouldn't have their dog up there

RomComPhooey Thu 10-Dec-15 23:27:17

Or the feeling that the noise isn't all one way. Unlike our poor semi-retired neighbours, who barely make any noise. confused

Teaandcake79 Thu 10-Dec-15 23:27:24

I'm sure I'll get flamed for it...but I don't think dogs should be cooped up in flats, UNLESS they are walked properly during the day, a run around the back garden is not a walk. We have a cat in our ground floor apartment, couldn't imagine an un-walked dog bouncing around!

Yanbu op it would drive me absolutely upstairs neighbours kids sound like a herd of elephants crashing around at 6am, I'm just starting to learn to sleep through it otherwise I'm up earlier than I need to be for work!

SaucyJack Thu 10-Dec-15 23:28:07


One of the best things about being cahncil is the lack of regulations and the freedom to treat your home as your own with regards to stuff like pets.

Ring the RSPCA if you're genuinely concerned.

Teaandcake79 Thu 10-Dec-15 23:28:59

That's a good point about baby I hadn't thought of! Hopefully baby will drown some of it out for you smile

frillybiscuits Thu 10-Dec-15 23:33:25

I think I may have to contact the council after going through my area's tenancy agreements. These are the same neighbour's that were illegally running a taxi business from the flat and using all of the resident parking as a rank (posted about it a while back) so I'm sure they won't be suprised.

Sorry should have read agreement before I posted!

WhereYouLeftIt Thu 10-Dec-15 23:33:49

"the noise caused by it running around, playing and going about its own business is horrendous."
The problem is not the dog. The problem is the totally inadequate soundproofing between the flats.

I have lived in poured concrete 1950's multi-storeys and sandstone 1900's tenements. I never heard my neighbours. Never.

Teaandcake79 Thu 10-Dec-15 23:40:47

Yup my place is the same, poorly fact, I know three year olds that would do a better job with duplo.
But I have a home, that I'm thankful for! smile
Whereyouleft is right, it's not the poor dogs fault no one can be arsed to take it out for a walk.
They probably have laminate or hard wood flooring too which will contribute to the problem.

frillybiscuits Thu 10-Dec-15 23:46:39

I know it isn't the dogs fault. It makes it even all the more reason for pets not to be allowed in poorly soundproofed flats, which the council have made clear from what I've just read. They are going against the agreement and are already on bad terms with council after the taxi fiasco. Poor doggie

Ludoole Fri 11-Dec-15 00:08:38

Children in the main are a lot noisier than dogs. What are your views on children in flats?

hibbleddible Fri 11-Dec-15 00:10:23

So by pets you mean cats and dogs? Yanbu in most cases, but some cats have to be house cats due to health reasons (FIV).

I'm guessing you aren't against hamsters and goldfish?

BastardGoDarkly Fri 11-Dec-15 00:13:36

Oh! I remember your taxi thread! So that's stopped has it?

Well, I lived in an upstairs council flat with my 6 stone boxer cross. But I walked him twice a day, so all he did at home was switch sofas occasionally grin

Sounds like the poor dog above you desperately needs exercising properly.

JohnCusacksWife Fri 11-Dec-15 00:13:47

Yes, get the dog taken away and put down in a pound. I'm sure that's the best solution.

kali110 Fri 11-Dec-15 00:16:01

So the dog will end up being taken from a loving family into a dogs home?
I agree with whoever said live and let live, there will be enough noise coming from your flat soon enough.
Not everyone chooses to live in a flat, let alone which flat they end up in. I wouldn't want to give up my pets either.

MidniteScribbler Fri 11-Dec-15 00:16:49

I think that you should go down that route if you're prepared to start a war. Are you happy for them to bang on your door every time your baby wakes them up? When you toddler is banging their toys? When your toddler starts running? When the inevitable toddler screaming and squealing begins?

Just don't come back and whinge when they start complaining about you. You've been there for about five minutes and you've already complained about their cars, and now about their dog. You sound like a pain in the arse.

BastardGoDarkly Fri 11-Dec-15 00:21:11

Oh, and he must be going into the garden more than once a day, or there would be shit all over their flat.

How do you know they don't walk him?

kali110 Fri 11-Dec-15 00:21:58

Is this really about the dog or do you just not like them?
I understood about the taxi rank but now i just wonder if you're being petty

ReginaBlitz Fri 11-Dec-15 00:38:15

Surely kids running around make more noise than a dog? I don't agree with big dogs in flats they need all day access to a garden imo. You didn't mention the dog when you were talking about the taxis.

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 11-Dec-15 03:53:55

I wouldn't report a dog unless its welfare was at risk or it was completely intolerable. Pets are so important.

RamblingRedRose Fri 11-Dec-15 04:39:55

Yes, what happened with the taxi business? Did they get rid of all the cars <nosy>

Hope you get things sorted with the dog noise.

frillybiscuits Fri 11-Dec-15 04:42:15

They've made my time hell in this flat from inconsiderate noise and poor behaviour towards me (read my other threads). I am concerned about the dogs welfare due to the fact he doesn't get walked a lot, gets left alone and I was told by my council officer that they had their previous dog taken from them because they had left him by himself whilst on holiday and the previous tenants had complained about the noise he was making.

I would move but obviously it's very difficult right now. Yes I'm really a pain in the arse when I was cheekily told not to park outside my own flat, my sleep and relaxation is deeply affected from noise and even ear plugs don't do the job anymore. Infact I've just been woken up by their music, crashing and shouting after bringing the party back from a night out. As always. I have tried politely communicating but they said they can do what they want.

And in regards to the dog, it's not that I don't like them it is that they are breaking the agreement that everyone else has to abide by. After all they did sign those papers just like I did

frillybiscuits Fri 11-Dec-15 04:52:45

If you have a dog, let it free upstairs if you live in a house. Then sit down and see how long you can tolerate the noise for. It's very difficult to relax when there's an animal pounding around and whining above you. As for having the baby in a flat, I'll be moving to a house as soon as I've recovered from birth as having a baby here is both inconsiderate and impractical

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