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To be annoyed by people NOT LISTENING!!!

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carbcraver Wed 09-Dec-15 15:37:30

Xmas play.
HT says at the beginning that photos and videos are not to be taken during the performance. There will be an opportunity for photos at the end.

AIBU to want to yell 'put your fudgin phone away you stupid turd' at the parents who can't follow one rule!??!

They know why they can't, we have some kids who can't be plastered all over social media. If my child was one of them and I'd caught them I'd be fuming!!! Why do some people think it's ok to 'bend' the rules just to get a snap of darling Jonny dressed as ikea (I kid you not)

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Wed 09-Dec-15 17:20:17

dressed as IKEA?? now that's a photo I would like to see grin

Senpai Wed 09-Dec-15 19:32:15

Ikea? Did it take some Christmas magic to assemble them? grin

carbcraver Wed 09-Dec-15 20:00:02

Something about Xmas around the world. There was Sweden and Spain also grin

goodnessgraciousgoudaoriginal Wed 09-Dec-15 20:15:57

Because lots of people are twats who think rules magically don't apply to them.

It's a condition which affects a depressingly large number of people as well!

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