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"Wacky" Christmas jumpers is quite wasteful and not a good charity fundraiser

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DyslexicScientist Wed 09-Dec-15 11:21:06

Every year I get invited to somewhere where the dress code is to wear a "wacky" Christmas jumper. Shops sell a lot of these and often its a charity thing, wear a jumper to work and donate.

I don't want a jumper I just wear for a few hours, would much rather just donate to charity. Especially as lots of these jumpers have hand sewn on bits, that god knows who did and where.

Do i have a point or am I just a kill joy?

ingeniousidiot Wed 09-Dec-15 11:23:00

Make you own after you've had a good drink from the bah humbug.

ExasperatedAlmostAlways Wed 09-Dec-15 11:23:44

You absolutely have a point. I love Christmas but I hate Xmas jumpers. They are always ugly and obviously have a time period they can be worn for. As an adult, I suppose you can buy one and Wear that one each year for these things. Kids don't fit them by the next year. Really bugs me that the school do this.

BarbaraofSeville Wed 09-Dec-15 11:38:55

I agree. If I had realised the first year round that this was to become a thing, I wouldn't have bought the cheapy Primark t-shirt that I wore twice, shed glitter everywhere and went all out of shape after one wash, followed by the Matalan jumper that is just OK but not something I would choose to wear and instead spent more on a nice tasteful Christmas jumper that I could wear a couple of times over each festive period for the foreseeable future. Because I don't care if anyone remembers if I wear the same Christmas jumper every year for the next 10 years smile.

But obviously this doesn't work for growing DCs so what I do think should happen would be for schools to have a 'bring and buy' christmas jumper event at an appropriate time of year (Harvest Festival?) where everyone can donate their outgrown Christmas jumpers and buy new ones for a small chage of a pound or two for school funds. Less wasteful and less expense.

DeltaZeta Wed 09-Dec-15 11:51:31

You do have a point.

It does make me cross that at this time of year, when money is tight for many families, there is the added pressure to go out and buy something else that only has a very limited shelf life. I know the MN answer is always to say that you can put your DCs in any old jumper and pin tinsel on it and it will be fine. But at my DCs school, the vast majority of children (at least 95%) will be wearing a shop bought Christmas jumper so there is peer pressure to get one, if not pressure from the school. No child wants to be the odd one out.

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie Wed 09-Dec-15 11:52:52

Well my 5 year old has worn last year's christmas jumper at every opportunity (even on a beach, in July, with sandals) for the last 12 months and it still fits him this year, so we've had our money's worth I think.

BlackeyedSusan Wed 09-Dec-15 11:57:41

annoyed hwen children are supposed to have christmas jumpers... they will have grown out of them by the time they are needed again. waste of resources.

tack some tinsel onto an ordinary jumper? cut out a ffelt shape and loosely tack onto an ordinary jumper?

trixymalixy Wed 09-Dec-15 12:02:54

My kids are wearing the same Xmas jumpers for the 3rd year in a row. I'll then pass them on or put them on ebay. Don't see it as a waste, but if you do then just stick some of your tinsel/baubles on a jumper you already won, job done.

Enjolrass Wed 09-Dec-15 13:04:32

I get the kids ones that will last 2 years and make sure they wear them a lot in the December.

I have had the same one 5 years and wear it quite a bit in December. I don't think they are a waste of money.

plantsitter Wed 09-Dec-15 13:06:48

I COMPLETELY agree. If I were a big shop I would sell xmas jumpers for charity and then go on about it in my marketing (in case you're reading this, shopcorp (c) ).

I HATE spending a tenner on a jumper some poor soul has assembled in a third world country and then giving a pound to charity.

manicinsomniac Wed 09-Dec-15 13:08:58


We're having a Christmas jumper say at school tomorrow and me and my kids are all wearing normal jumpers that I have tacked tinsel and baubles on to. Very Christmassy jumpers that we can pay a £1 to charity to wear for a day and go back to normal wear afterwards.

No need to buy a special one.

The shops have special jumpers for those without the time or means to make their own or for those who like them. They aren't compulsory.

opioneers Wed 09-Dec-15 13:09:55

i agree entirely, and I think it's particularly inappropriate for schools where not everyone can afford a jumper that's for three weeks of the year.

But I also dislike it as a sign of something bigger, which is the idea that any festivity has to be marked by an orgy of consumption of non-disposable goods (I'm looking at you, Halloween bunting). It's not green, not sensible and unnecessary.

reni2 Wed 09-Dec-15 15:00:16

I had to buy a Christmas jumper for a work do 3 years ago (three line whip to attend clothed in a festive top). I will now be sporting Rudolph the fucking Reindeer for most of December for the next few years.

For the kids, we just pin stuff on a normal soon to be too small jumper since they'd outgrow them before next year. They enjoy making them really garish with tree decorations.

x2boys Wed 09-Dec-15 15:04:02

the shops donate though dont they ds1 has his carol service on friday and they have to wear an xnas jumper last yr i went to asda for one and it cost me £12 this yr i got one from primark for £7 i cant afford £12 for a jumper he will wear 2 or 3 times .

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