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Or are Lego taking the piss?

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trashcanjunkie Wed 09-Dec-15 02:12:05

Ds has asked for a medium sized Lego Star Wars set for one of his Christmas presents. It's not his 'main' present, just a stocking filler.... Except it looks like anything above a squiddly little thing is coming in around the forty quid mark. I mean.... it's plastic ffs! I wanted to spend around half that amount. There was a couple of things on the Smyths website for twenty quid - a Jedi interceptor - but they've sold out nationwide, and are on Amazon for twice the price. I'm aware that's not Lego's fault, but I feel a bit humped by the whole thing. Either I disappoint ds with no Lego, a small Lego thing, or shell out £25 for the next size up thing, which is already low stock.

Aargh. Rant over. I'll almost be grateful to be told aibu. Then it'll be me being a nobhead, and I'll wind my neck in.

EllieJayJay Wed 09-Dec-15 02:44:14

YANBU - we went through the frozen castle bloody thing and my brother (man child) loves the bloody stuff and it's so expensive

Lego don't make enough of the stuff "to create a hype" and the little humans don't understand

Arghhhhhh I feel your pain

EllieJayJay Wed 09-Dec-15 02:45:05

Oh gosh I didn't help at all I just moaned hmm

trashcanjunkie Wed 09-Dec-15 02:47:22

Nope, you helped! I feel validated grin

Senpai Wed 09-Dec-15 02:55:28

Yeah, DD loves My Little Pony toys. Hasbro is committing highway robbery for what you actually get. If it makes you feel better I spent about $20 on 6 tiny figurines. she better fucking love them

If you can afford it do it.

Their face is suppose to be worth it, so I hear.

DadWasHere Wed 09-Dec-15 02:57:56

Either I disappoint ds with no Lego, a small Lego thing, or shell out £25 for the next size up thing, which is already low stock.

Soon not even the small stuff will be left.

EllieJayJay Wed 09-Dec-15 02:59:45

im on my phone so can't do the strike out thing!

But the "magic" lucky dip bloody my little pony packs

EllieJayJay Wed 09-Dec-15 03:01:10

And glad OP I helped X

GreenSand Wed 09-Dec-15 03:52:58

If it makes you feel any better, Lego is twice the price over here. Nearly £10 for one little mixel bag. Going to stock up in the UK!

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 09-Dec-15 04:23:06

Lego is ridiculous money. Not quite as ridiculous as Frozen shite merch. Thanks goodness DUncle bought the Scooby Doo Lighthouse.

drinkfeckarse Wed 09-Dec-15 04:39:56

I love Lego so don't mind too much but yes, its really overpriced. YANBU

DS1 would like a big Lego Minecraft set as his main present but I can't bring myself to buy it. At least the Star Wars stuff looks good. Minecraft lego looks like I built it. It really pains me to spend money on it.

hufflebottom Wed 09-Dec-15 04:45:44


Dd's dad (xp) said he wanted Lego for Christmas so dd decided that was what she wanted to get him. I convinced her to change her mind as I wasn't forking out stupid amounts on Lego for a man who barely makes any effort and won't take dd out to get me anything and expects my parents to take dd out to get something.

Have you looked on eBay?

sadwidow28 Wed 09-Dec-15 04:47:27

Have a look at these on eBay. I have set up a search for:

- new,
- UK only,
- box sets,
- £15- £20

Ebay results for Lego Star Wars

Busyworkingmum71 Wed 09-Dec-15 06:09:41

Perhaps create a beautiful Lego logo'd voucher on the computer for an amount that is what you wanted to spend on it, and take him shopping after Christmas (when hopefully stock is replenished) to choose the precise model he wants. Not an ideal solution I admit but it a) gets around the low stock problem which you can't do anything about and b) your child will begin to learn the value of money (not saying that they don't already, not meaning to be judgy just slot of kids don't).

MarthaMonkeynuts Wed 09-Dec-15 06:34:20

Knock off lego by Ingenious toys is actually pretty good. You can get it from amazon/ebay.

fitzbilly Wed 09-Dec-15 06:40:34

I think, although it seems expensive, Lego is actually worth the money. It's not just plastic, every single piece is hand checked to ensure perfect quality. It is expensive to make, we are just getting to used to everything being 'cheap'.

I'd it's to expensive for you, don't but it. Your Ds will be fine I'm sure if you have got him other presents.

Imperialleather2 Wed 09-Dec-15 06:52:49

I hate the lego sets. Theres no imagination involved and it tends to be built once and never touched again for feat of breaking it

Bring back the days,when it's a big Bix and you have to create something

RomComPhooey Wed 09-Dec-15 06:58:59

Our sets tend to get built once, treasured for a bit, then broken down and added to a giant tub of mixed Lego. The quirky bits from sets reappear in various home-built creations, so we don't mind too much, but the sets are expensive for what they are.

Lightbulbon Wed 09-Dec-15 07:12:16

We are in Lego hell aswell. If rather just get random creative bits than a set but there aren't many of those even second hand online.

pictish Wed 09-Dec-15 07:16:59

I agree that Lego is well overpriced and it annoys me a lot. I was looking at some Minecraft Lego in Smyths for ds2 and came away with nothing - soooo expensive for what you get. I don't know why it's so's not that amazing. Most of the sets are built into a piddly wee something, then fall apart to go in the generic Lego box.
A box of general Minecraft Lego (ie, not a set that makes a specific something) was £50!

Parents. Fleeced.

MigGril Wed 09-Dec-15 07:19:12

Lego star wars does seem more expensive. My DS has added some small sets to his list. They seem to be selling out I need to go shopping.
I like the voucher idea they will restock after Christmas as the film isn't even out yet and there will be loads more choice.

pictish Wed 09-Dec-15 07:19:45

Ohhh and and's still a building toy alone. It's not like you can build a specific set then play with it, because bits just keep snapping off and it's too fiddly and delicate to touch without breaking.

No I reckon Lego is one of the worst toy rip-offs going...and has been for a long time.

MigGril Wed 09-Dec-15 07:22:04

Oh and generally I find you can get some good deals on Lego sets on amazon, with sets sometimes being a good £10 cheaper. But not star wars in afraid at the moment at the film hype I'm guessing.

AnyoneFucoffee Wed 09-Dec-15 07:22:37

Know it isn't Star Wars but this stuff works fine with branded Lego and is cheap as chips. on offer at the moment too.,default,pd.html

megletthesecond Wed 09-Dec-15 07:25:51

Yabu. Lego is good value imo.

It doesn't matter if a couple of bits are lost and it's almost impossible to break (build it once, take a photo then chuck it in the mixed box). We have boxes of the stuff and it's played with daily. Other toys usually end up being a waste of money.

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