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mizzdee Tue 08-Dec-15 20:29:36

Just a quick question. If my mum orders and pays for something online can someone else pick the item up and if so what do they need to do this? My mum is disabled and unable to go herself. Thank you ☺

LetTilikumGo Tue 08-Dec-15 20:32:50

If you print out the email confirmation, that would probably be enough.

3rdrockfromthesun Tue 08-Dec-15 20:59:27

You might need her Id, your id and a note from her giving you permission to pick up the item (unless you have the same surname).

BarbaraofSeville Wed 09-Dec-15 06:59:20

Who is it? Do they have FAQ etc online? I ordered something from Tesco Direct to collect from a Tesco store recently and they asked for photo ID.

Champagneformyrealfriends Wed 09-Dec-15 07:03:38

I'd take her id and yours too with a signed letter. It does depend where it's from but better to go with it than without.

lucymootoo Wed 09-Dec-15 07:14:48

She could always just order it with the name of the person who is collecting to avoid any hassle. Normally just a bank card or some form of i.d required x

Rememberallball Wed 09-Dec-15 11:13:10

Some retailers have a comments box and she could put details of who would be collecting the order for her.

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Wed 09-Dec-15 13:22:03

agree with order in collectors name. depends if you need the actual card she paid with or not. some places do. give them a ring and ask. Or have it delivered?

Birdsgottafly Wed 09-Dec-15 22:54:39

I've only ever been asked for the Email and shown my payment card.

I've sent my DD and previously my Mum and it's never been questioned.

Junosmum Thu 10-Dec-15 06:29:18

To regularly collect stuff for hubby, we don't have the same name. I take a copy of the email (forwarded to my email so I show it on my phone) his id and my id. I rarely need his id though.

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