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to think that ticket limit of 4 is unfair on larger fanilies

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OopsEEDaisyButtercup Tue 08-Dec-15 17:31:47

I have 3 kids and would love to take all 3 plus hubby to a show at the O2 next year, but there's a strict limit of 4 per person per card. I have tried this before a while ago, and tried to buy 3 tickets on one debit card; then the other 2 on another card, but ended up sitting apart! How do I get 5 tickets together?! Are we destined to sit apart every time we go anywhere?

liz70 Tue 08-Dec-15 17:53:06

Are you trying to select all the tickets in one row? Does it make any difference if you try to select some seats on one row with one card, then the others directly behind (or in front) with your second card? I say because I recently ordered seven tickets for a local panto; I couldn't select all seven in the same row, but four and three over two rows iyswim. Obviously this theatre has a more generous allowance as I ordered all seven in the same transaction.

I know it's not ideal, but maybe worth trying (if it works)?

Agree as I have three DDs myself, but haven't yet encountered this problem myself.

Lweji Tue 08-Dec-15 17:57:18

Login in two different browsers.
Select adjacent seats in each browser. Pay each one separately.
I have done this over the phone with my SIL.

If you have to buy over the phone, I'd explain to the person to book the five and pay the seats separately.

PatriciaHolm Tue 08-Dec-15 17:57:19

Ring them. They will be able to allocate seats together and split payment.

Stillunexpected Tue 08-Dec-15 18:02:00

I suspect OP is trying to book tickets for a very popular show and the four tix limit is more to prevent large-scale resale than anything else. Most theatres will certainly allow more than four tickets, in fact most have group lines dedicated to sales of more than 10 tix.

If your show has a telephone booking line, then phoning will usually allow you to choose more than four seats together but as I said I suspect you are trying to buy something which is very popular. Please say you weren't trying for Adele tix!!

OopsEEDaisyButtercup Tue 08-Dec-15 18:38:42

F it - just worked it all out - if we did all go it would cost us £404.50 for tickets & to get there on the train! That's why so many people go to tribute bands instead, or wait until their kids leave home and have a second childhood with their pensions!

Enjolrass Tue 08-Dec-15 18:54:35

Fleetwood Mac?

Andrewofgg Tue 08-Dec-15 18:57:28

Promoters can't win, can they?

Whatever rules they set someone will miss out and cry Foul - in fact it is rather like school admissions rules!

FishWithABicycle Tue 08-Dec-15 19:09:25

Team up with a family of 3 - surely one of your 3 children has a friend who (a) is an only child and (b) has nice parents.

RomComPhooey Tue 08-Dec-15 19:12:03

Or sell one of your children to pay for four tickets? wink

Andrewofgg Tue 08-Dec-15 19:12:59

Sell two and you can pay for the next concert too!

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