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to think that this is out of order for the people he's delivering to?

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Timeforanamechangey Tue 08-Dec-15 14:32:16

Facebook related, sorry :/

There's a guy I'm friends with on FB, don't know him well, friend of a friend type situation.

He works as some sort of delivery driver that involves using those electronic devices you sign upon delivery (he could be self employed, not sure who it is he works for).

In the past he has posted pictures of the device with a number on the screen to indicate how many jobs he has had (with accompanying comments, busy day today etc).

Today he posts a picture of the device, with a list of four or five full names and addresses of people he's delivering to!

AIBU to think that this is our of order? I don't know what it is that he's delivering and it could be that no one could or would use those details but its kind of not the point, if I found a delivery driver was posting pictures of my name and address all over facebook/the interent I would not be happy!

Or aib overly paranoid and over dramatic?

BondJayneBond Tue 08-Dec-15 14:34:56


I would guess that publishing other people's personal details like that is the sort of thing that could lead to him losing his job if his employer was to see that photo.

UtterlyClueless Tue 08-Dec-15 14:35:59

I don't think he's allowed to do that so YANBU

I certainly wouldn't be happy for someone to post my address especially when it's obvious a delivery is being made, couldn't that increase the risk of being burgled?

Timeforanamechangey Tue 08-Dec-15 14:37:42

I was thinking the same thing Bond, that it could be gross misconduct or something like that but either way I imagine they wouldn't be happy either. I'm not sure who it is he works for, or if he is self employed so I wouldn't know who to talk to if I did :/

TwoSmellyDogs Tue 08-Dec-15 14:40:28

Why not just message him to take the offending post down? Sounds like he hasn't thought it through at all. Surely it would be better to just ask him to remove it before ringing his employers and getting him the sack?

Damselindestress Tue 08-Dec-15 14:44:10

YANBU. That would violate the confidentiality and social media policies of the delivery company. Maybe just let him know in a concerned friend way that it could get him into trouble and he might take it down.

Pyjamaramadrama Tue 08-Dec-15 14:46:04

He shouldn't do that but if I were you I'd message him anonymously if necessary and ask him to remove the posts rather than report him.

He probably doesn't mean any harm.

Timeforanamechangey Tue 08-Dec-15 14:47:41

I wouldn't necessarily go that far Two, I wouldn't want to get him fired but since he doesn't know me very well I'm not sure he would appriciate a virtual stranger telling him what to do iykwim.

Pyjamaramadrama Tue 08-Dec-15 14:52:25

You could do it anonymously you might save him from someone else reporting him.

hootatoot Tue 08-Dec-15 14:53:35

I would have thought he would be in breach of data protection by showing their names and addresses so not only at risk of losing his job but potential legal action if the ppl he was delivering to whose names and addresses he has posted pursued it. Might be worth just messaging him saying 'not sure if you realise that the names and addresses are visible on your post so you might want to take it down!'. Surely no one could take offence at that approach?

alleypalley Tue 08-Dec-15 14:55:41

It seems like a pretty stupid thing to do, but is it just a random name and address? If so then it's no more than you would find in a phone book is it? I'm not sure how it would increase anyone's chance of getting burgled would it.

SheHasAWildHeart Tue 08-Dec-15 15:04:23

He is breaching Data Protection - both him and his employer would get into serious trouble with the ICO.

UtterlyClueless Tue 08-Dec-15 15:10:48

Of course it could increase the chances of being burgled, if people see that you're getting stuff delivered. Especially leading up to Christmas the time most houses actually get robbed.

suitsyousir79 Tue 08-Dec-15 15:12:43

Massive breach of data protection. If you were unable to find an employer to report him to, i would be screenshotting his profile with the picture in it and sending it off to the information commissioners office.

SheHasAWildHeart Tue 08-Dec-15 15:16:55

An organisation I know accidentally shared individual's Employee ID Numbers (no names) with personal info and got into major trouble with the ICO. Point him to their website:

"...the responsibilities of individual staff members for protecting personal data, including the possibility that they may commit criminal offences if they deliberately try to access, or *to disclose, information without authority*"

Am pretty sure he will have signed a Data Protection form at work too.

SheHasAWildHeart Tue 08-Dec-15 15:17:55

These individual's did not give permission, this is like to cause them "damage or distress" (DPA) then yes they can take it up with his employer's.

DrDreReturns Tue 08-Dec-15 15:23:11

Well he's obviously a bit thick isn't he. If the data protection authorities are notified of it him and his employer will be in trouble.

TwoSmellyDogs Tue 08-Dec-15 15:27:57

i would be screenshotting his profile with the picture in it and sending it off to the information commissioners office

You forgot the Police. Non-emergency line, obviously, but this needs logging for sure. Actually it might even be a 999 issue.

suitsyousir79 Tue 08-Dec-15 15:31:43

I would doubt the police would be that bothered, especially 999. I work as a fraud investigator and any DPA breach we have to report to ICO, not the police.

Pyjamaramadrama Tue 08-Dec-15 15:32:21

I'm guessing that was tongue in cheek

SoupDragon Tue 08-Dec-15 15:42:54

Don't waste the police's time, simply message the guy and say something like "I think you should blur those names and addresses due to data protection"

(Doesn't have to be a data protection issue, it just gives an easily understood reason)

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