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The cost of a professional dating agenci

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YohY Tue 08-Dec-15 11:22:16

About the costs of professional dating agency

Ok so my dinner date last Saturday did not go to plan sadly

Need to get back on dating game
I'm 31 never been married no kids side 10-12 curvy sizeable boobs black female I would say attractive not sure really good job

Is it really hard to find a soul mate
Do I really need to spend 100s even 1000s on professional dating agency

Are they worth their money? Any success stories

Feeling really disillusioned destined to be alone forever and never have a family but my job makes it so difficult to meet a good partner they all seem to taken!

Jollyphonics Tue 08-Dec-15 11:50:02

I met some great people through a dating agency, back in the early 2000s when on-line dating didn't really exist. The agency organised nights out as well as dates, so I made some good female friends too. I dated a few men, and ended up engaged to one of them. (we have since split but were together for years).

The agency interviewed and vetted people, and it's wasn't cheap, so there weren't many time wasters/married men/people just wanting casual sex. I also think the face-to-face interviews, whilst not being a 100% guarantee, certainly reduced the lying that people can do on-line.

So, I found it a very positive experience.

YohY Tue 08-Dec-15 12:54:56

Yes I'm always of the feeling you get what you pay for I guess! Sounds encouraging yes my worry about OLD is time wasters and those looking for casual sex

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