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To think that this job does not require a degree

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Oldsu Mon 07-Dec-15 23:52:37

Will keep it short. I have just been promoted to Customer Services Manager and HR advertised in house for my old job, well not my actual old job only a part of it. I work in packaging and look after a very large client about 1/3 of the companies business, currently for this client I handle the production including press loading, I run my clients stock control, chair daily conference calls and process orders and do day to day admin..

Its been decided that the production dept will take over the printing and technical side, I will still run the clients stock control and chair the meetings, (for the foreseeable future anyway) but I can't do the day to day order entry and admin and that's the job that's on offer

There has been a lot of interest, HR handled the initial applications and sent me 10 CVs so I can start interviewing (it will be my decision who gets the job).

I was very surprised not to see a CV from one of my collagues who would be perfect for the job, 10 years account handing experience for a similar client so I assumed she had not applied, saw her in the loo today and asked her, turns out she did apply but HR turned her down as she doesn't have a degree.

Now I have every respect for graduates, I know the work they put in for their degrees and I know we have some very talented and hardworking graduates in our company, but to turn down someone with customer service experience just because they are not a graduate to my mind is foolish and short sighted.

FFS I left school at 15 without a qualification to my name and it seems that even with 30 years experience in the industry, if I applied for this job HR wouldn't have even shortlisted me.

I will be interviewing this colleague - not saying she will get the job but I will give her the same chance as the others.

Russellgroupserf Mon 07-Dec-15 23:56:12

It's the way of the world but you are correct in that it isn't always necessary and I worked in higher education for over 25 years so support it.

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