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Elderly neighbours playing their radio so loud I can hear it in my garden - 2 driveway widths away!

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angelos02 Mon 07-Dec-15 14:30:00

I am probably going to be told 'just suck it up as they are old' but it ruins the enjoyment of my garden. One of the main reasons I bought the house was for the beautiful garden but their radio is on all day, everyday and I can hear exactly what they are listening to - in every part of my garden. This isn't an issue at this time of year but all Summer, I was stuck in the house. Any ideas?

goodnightdarthvader1 Mon 07-Dec-15 14:35:07

This might sound crazy, but hear me out: maybe try having a polite conversation with them?

Other suggestions include: bombing their house, ripping your own ears off, passive aggressively playing your music louder, having wild noisy sex in your garden ... any winners there for you?

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