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To be really confused at work and not know what to do next?

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HopeAndDriftWood Sun 06-Dec-15 16:46:47

I work in a sort-of odd set-up. I suppose I work for a company that outsources specialists to other companies, for varying time scales. I joined a year and a bit ago, for a certain account, because I have the specialisation they needed.

We've just restructured. Under the old structure, there was me who consulted on the account, and an account manager who ran multiple accounts, if that makes sense? My account has trebled since I started, there is no secret that the company love me.

Under the new structure, I do my consulting but also run my account. This means I have more tasks than hours, so managers were supposed to be identifying tasks which could be outsourced to someone else. I expressed concern that my particular account would not like this, it went badly when we tried to implement it last year.

My manager went on sick leave just after this was announced so my interim manager is having to allocate tasks. I asked for a meeting to discuss which tasks I wanted to keep. We booked one in but they cancelled, and then suggested the next week, but cancelled that too. No progress has been made on deciding what tasks I'll have. The last I heard, they were happy to let me decide.

I was off on Friday so I've just checked my emails and I've got hundreds claiming various tasks from my account and asking them to teach me how to do them. Many of them are things that I believe should stay with me.

I feel entirely ignored and I'm not sure what to do. Given that my interim manager doesn't want to discuss this (I believe because my account is complex and they don't want to have to learn it) and the chief of my area is busy and also seemed disinterested, shall I just carry on with my usual tasks and respond to the emails to say the tasks have not been reallocated and therefore remain with me?

I've tried not to out myself with my job here. I do love my job and I was dreading the change, and then reassured that they wouldn't compromise my account, and now I feel like that is happening by default.

Goztepe Sun 06-Dec-15 16:59:05

I'd suggest you reply with a stock response saying thank you so much for kind offer of assistance, but there seems to be a misunderstanding as the way forward has not been confirmed either internally nor with the account. You'll be in touch when it is and thanks again for being such great team etc.

Next, you forward one of those to your interim manager and ask for the 10am slot on Monday to clear it up. Suggest to avoid history repeating you'll - naturally - want to discuss with your client for their understanding and aggreement of account management changes before any confirmation internally (and that you'd like to arrange to discuss with them tomorrow afternoon).

Reiterate how happy you are to be part of such a supportive team during this period of transition.

Take back your reins.

Sighing Sun 06-Dec-15 18:51:00

^^ that covers it

Leelu6 Sun 06-Dec-15 18:56:31

If you have no luck with interim manager, I would tell the people who emailed about the accounts you want to say that they are still yours, and I would email the people who want the accounts you don't want to say you will teach them.

Then I would email interim manager with list of accounts you have given up.

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