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To think the quality of Patisserie Valerie is pretty dire these days

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DyslexicScientist Fri 04-Dec-15 12:36:58

It used to be such a fabulous cake shop, they expanded a bit and were still good. They've expanded hugely and well done on that, but the quality is nothing like it used to be. I've had better stuff from mc café s in the content.

I was tempted to buy their yule log, but even though it looks good and costs 30, I don't think it will be all that.

Anyone else noticed it go downhill massively?

Wineandrosesagain Fri 04-Dec-15 12:41:55

YANBU - cakes look fab but taste like those crap continental cakes that have no flavour, just a vague fake-cream type taste. Very disappointing for something that is quite expensive.

Meemolly Fri 04-Dec-15 12:41:56

I've not been there for ages as we have tons of cafes in our town so am generally spoilt for choice when deciding where to go but I am sad to read this post as I always consider PV to be a cut above the rest!!

CrownofStars Fri 04-Dec-15 12:44:10

Totally. It used to be a real treat to visit when we went up to London but now they are everywhere and the cakes are rather dreary now. In fact, to be honest I've had better from Greggs.

philosophicmum Fri 04-Dec-15 12:45:43

No, it's awful and so very expensive for such unpleasant stuff. I've been seduced in by beautiful displays at least half a dozen times and every time what I've bought has been a complete disappointment. And the croissant I bought there was the worst croissant I've ever tasted.

arielmanto Fri 04-Dec-15 12:46:22

agree, it used to be a London treat but now there is one very local to us and it is grubby, poorly staffed and has a very average selection of over-iced cakes. which was wineandroses pointed out, do taste like crap european cakes.

MrsFrisbyMouse Fri 04-Dec-15 12:50:58

PV isn't great anymore. sad face

Konditor and Cook is still pretty yummy though. Not sure they do a chocolate log - but their whiskey bomb is yum. (though not for kids obviously!)

Their curly whirly cake is yum - and easily made at home (recipe on Guardian website)

helenahandbag Fri 04-Dec-15 12:53:03

YADNBU, I never go in anymore. One of my favourite cake shops in Edinburgh opened a new branch next door to the Patisserie Valerie in Glasgow shortly after I moved here but it closed down sad

Lancelottie Fri 04-Dec-15 12:55:48

Noooo, don't say that! When did it go downhill? Am I going to have to go into town and check this vile rumour by buying at least three different tartelettes?

strawberryandaflake Fri 04-Dec-15 12:58:06

I don't remember our one being anything other than just a coffee shop with standard cakes. Are there nicer ones out there?

desperatelyseekingamovingdate Fri 04-Dec-15 12:59:30

I took my mum to our local one for mothers day and i was very disappointed, the cakes looked nicer than they tasted. They were quite expensive so i was a tad disappointed. I still walk past the window and go oh yum mind, dont go in however (low carbing!).

The place is rammed on a weekend.

noclueses Fri 04-Dec-15 13:24:50

yep, it's gone downhill about 5-7yrs ago tbh, in London where I used to live. Overpriced and tasteless cakes, the actual lunch food was still good but expensive. Service not great either (though I think the original branch in Soho is better for service).The window displays are still nice, as you say, esp the big cakes.

In our town their branch in Intu centre so it's well-kept and clean and quite small, but the only nice and good value cakes are the little Nata custard cakes. They are a newish edition. The croissants are not good, the coffee eclair is still ok but costs too much and you can buy them cheaper and fresher in a different place round the corner.

I'm all about Gail's now even though they have a limited selection, or Payntuns (sp?) for expensive and sophisticated, amazing taste - or an odd Krispy Creme doughnut!

Preminstreltension Fri 04-Dec-15 13:48:14

This is inevitably what happens to businesses that get bought by private equity firms. I had a horrible meal from Leon the other day - it used to be lovely. As soon as I tasted it I knew they had been bought by a private equity firm - looked it up and they had.

TheBunnyOfDoom Fri 04-Dec-15 13:54:30

They've expanded too much. I've noticed whenever chains expand, the quality nosedives. Luckily we have a couple of amazing independent cafes around here that do incredible cakes for half the price.

josephwrightofderby Fri 04-Dec-15 14:11:36


I love Bettys. In my personal heaven, all food is calorie-free cake and all cake is from Bettys.

PurpleDaisies Fri 04-Dec-15 14:15:20

I had some really dreadful macarons there a few months ago and haven't been back. All froth and no substance.

Enjolrass Fri 04-Dec-15 14:17:52

We went in one on Wednesday it was rubbish. The cakes looked great but tasted poor.

Never been to one in London but a friend mentioned they had been to the one near Harrods recently and said it was crap.

I love Betty's !!!!!

PurpleDaisies Fri 04-Dec-15 14:19:13

I agree, Betty's is awesome. If I lived near one I'd be broke and four stone heavier.

BrianCoxReborn Fri 04-Dec-15 14:19:52

I went to Betty's about 11 years ago in York.

The staff were rude and the food was nice but pretty normal and overpriced.

Never been in since and never will again.

I've never had PV and my reasoning is that I have a relative (by marriage) that is <channels Harry Enfield> ^considerably richer than two" and puts up a pic of her PV, cup of coffee and snuggly pjs every.single.Friday. Bore off. grin

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Fri 04-Dec-15 14:20:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BrianCoxReborn Fri 04-Dec-15 14:21:03

Ffs autocorrect...

"Considerably richer than yow"

MuttonWasAGoose Fri 04-Dec-15 14:22:55

It's been my experience that there's an inverse relationship between how good a dessert looks and how good it tastes.

Cheby Fri 04-Dec-15 14:24:32

YANBU. It's so disappointing. Looks amazing and tastes very bland.

josephwrightofderby Fri 04-Dec-15 14:30:12

BrianCox - splutters Good lord, you don't have FOOD in Bettys. It is a complete waste of useful calories. Why have cauliflower soup when you can have a delightful fondant fancy in the shape of a cauliflower?? It's almost one of your five a day.

It's all about the cakes. Even afternoon tea may be too diluted by sandwiches.

PurpleDaisies Fri 04-Dec-15 14:32:20

Betty's breakfast is good too joseph-really delicious eggs benedict and kedgeree last time we went. Obviously I bought cakes to take away...

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