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tinkywinkyshandbag Wed 02-Dec-15 23:45:58

Yes its totally cheesy and unrealistic but that's all part of the fun, its a funny film. With some genuinely touching moments of pathos. The scene where Emma,Thompson I getting dressed after being given the Joni Mitchell CD gets me every single time. Love the "porn" stars, love Bill Nighy. Great film and I will be watching it this Christmas. So there!

DawnOfTheDoggers Wed 02-Dec-15 23:50:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RJnomore1 Wed 02-Dec-15 23:52:31

I love it too and I usually hate those type of films. Shhh don't tell anyone!

Backawaynow2 Wed 02-Dec-15 23:52:46

It's always part of our go to DVDs that require little watching while we chat and drink wine.

Along with Notting Hill, About A Boy, wedding date etc.

Why would you care what other people think anyway?

foxy6 Wed 02-Dec-15 23:53:59

Nope you are not being unreasonable. It's a lovely feel good film. I love it x

NewLife4Me Wed 02-Dec-15 23:56:00

I usually hate these types of films, but like this one.
No idea why? Maybe it's the myriad of relationships rather than just a few characters.
I love the Portuguese and english speaking scene with the translations, so funny.

oneowlgirl Wed 02-Dec-15 23:56:31

I love it too - watch it every Christmas along with It's a Wonderful Life grin

thewavesofthesea Wed 02-Dec-15 23:59:49

Needs to be watched while wrapping Xmas presents, with a bottle of something. One of our favourites; I cry at the end every time!!

TellMeALittle Thu 03-Dec-15 00:00:14

I'm afraid I had to turn it off after about 20 minutes as it made me want to stick pins in my eyes.

But I'm glad you enjoyed it. smile

thewavesofthesea Thu 03-Dec-15 00:00:44

My favourite bit is when Colin Firth proposes. Funny and lovely at the same time!

iwantgin Thu 03-Dec-15 00:01:38

I love it.

but cry from start to finish.


BackforGood Thu 03-Dec-15 00:03:28

I love it.
So does dd(17). dd(14) claims never to have seen it which has horrified dd1, so she's making her sit and watch it soon as it's a crucial part of Christmas apparently. grin
But then, I'm a sucker for a nice rom/com or 'chick flick' probably not allowed to say that on MN these days with everyone being offended by every innocent term, but I suspect you know what I mean.

Imustgodowntotheseaagain Thu 03-Dec-15 00:04:24

Love it smile but Emma Thompson's scene with the kids after the CD makes me cry every tome. She's so talented and gets it absolutely right.

HelenaDove Thu 03-Dec-15 00:05:48

Heartbreaking deleted scene which IMO they should put back in.

Gladysandtheflathamsandwich Thu 03-Dec-15 00:05:49

Its a Love/Hate thing for me.

The moment where Andrew Lincoln does the "Its your fault I am in love with you, not mine!" thing to Keira Knightly, makes me want to hurt him. But Emma Thompson straightening the bedspread makes me cry every single time.

The bits I dont like, I really hate. The bits I like, I really love.

"Thank you Ant or Dec" kills me every time" "Kids, dont buy a pop star and you get them for free!!!!" grin

KittyVonCatsworth Thu 03-Dec-15 00:09:24

I love it too, tis my shameful secret. It's just a 'leave your brain at the door' movie. Emma Thompson is my girl crush too and plays the part impeccably. I want to watch it now!

HelenaDove Thu 03-Dec-15 00:11:07

"buy my festering turd of a record"

Crazypetlady Thu 03-Dec-15 00:12:10

I love it , I also don't have a problem with Keira Knightly to add insult to injury.I like her!

Backawaynow2 Thu 03-Dec-15 00:15:40

Emma Thompson and her realising her world has imploded.

Makes me weep every time.

She's a great great actress.

TesticleOfObjectivity Thu 03-Dec-15 00:18:15

Haha yes I also love "thank you Ant or Dec". I say that sometimes and couldn't think where I'd picked it up from. Agree Emma T is amazing.

Gladysandtheflathamsandwich Thu 03-Dec-15 00:19:55

That deleted scene.....

Just watched it three times and cried.

How the hell was that left out in favour of the bloke going to America to get laid? Or the porn scenes?

TesticleOfObjectivity Thu 03-Dec-15 00:25:30

Yeah I could have done without the guy who went to America bits. I wasn't keen on the porn scenes but thought the coyness of the porn stars was funny.

Backawaynow2 Thu 03-Dec-15 00:32:30

Agree the dejected scene is in the DVD extra and so powerful.

Clearly the American scenes are part of love actually but fantasy!

As in line

Holstein Thu 03-Dec-15 00:32:53

We always call them 'Ant or Dec' in our house now!

I just like HG dancing around No. 10. Makes me grin.

And I think Laura Linney is brilliant. (though the chap who payed her brother was a fantastic actor too). I just wanted her to get together with Karl so much.

Redglitter Thu 03-Dec-15 00:41:08

Absolutely love love love this film

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