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Worried about nursery

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Maisy313 Tue 01-Dec-15 09:29:18

Recently the manager has handed in her notice, and the last few times I've dropped my ds off (16 months) there has been a new face in the under 2s room, she hasn't introduced herself at all and other members of staff seem to be working upstairs with the more junior members of the team left downstairs. When I've come to drop him off it's taken ages for anyone to answer the buzzer (a good few minutes) so we are stuck waiting outside and then no one has come to greet us or take him off me so we've just been left standing by the door until I ask if someone is going to get him breakfast... Today it turned out that the new face is the new room leader, was informed by another member of staff. I asked her how my ds had been and she said he had been crying on and off in the days (which is new for him) and apparantly "freaks out" (in her words) when they go and wash there hands after lunch, the first we had heard of any of this. The reason I asked is that I noticed he had been quite upset in the evenings and extra clingy... My instinct tells me to just pull him out now and find some temp cover until I get a new nursery - am I being too rash? Oh his artwork had been screwed into a ball to fit into his bag yesterday too...

Maisy313 Tue 01-Dec-15 09:31:09

Sorry for all the typos. Rapidly writing on my way into work.

Gazelda Tue 01-Dec-15 09:35:43

Can you discuss this with the manager before she leaves?
The morning buzzer situstion should be very easy to rectify.
are you feeling uneasy about the room leader's capabilities, or more that she and your DS haven't 'clicked' yet?
And maybe suggest that any artwork is handed to you rather than put in the bag. My DD loved to show me her work in front of the nursery staff so we could all coo over her brilliance!

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