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To wonder how many are pissed off with companies like, Gap, Boots, even PayPal the last few days?

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QuintShhhhhh Tue 01-Dec-15 00:01:19

I really wanted to place some orders, get some christmas presents bought online, but it seems impossible. Payments are just crashing.

Probably under the load.

It is annoying to know the price of my baskets tomorrow, without the savings.

Who will think Eff it, and place the order anyway, simply because selecting the goods took so much time anyway? And who will abandon their baskets for good and go elsewhere?

Tiggeryoubastard Tue 01-Dec-15 00:09:52

I've done some shopping and not had any problems.

Tiggeryoubastard Tue 01-Dec-15 00:12:26

Sorry, that sounded quite abrupt. I've shopped at boots, Argos and Early Learning Centre (used paypal for ELC) since 9pm. Haven't had any problems.

ShmooBooMoo Tue 01-Dec-15 00:40:12

Where are you shopping?

kali110 Tue 01-Dec-15 00:42:50

I didn't know there were problems either.

ExasperatedAlmostAlways Tue 01-Dec-15 00:44:45

Iv shopped at tesco direct, argos, boots, Amazon, ELC and liz earle and used PayPal and had no issues at all op.

BeeePeee Tue 01-Dec-15 01:26:35

I had problems with debenhams.

Whatsername24 Tue 01-Dec-15 01:27:28

I've spent the last few evenings browsing and shopping on Tesco Direct, H&M, The Book People, Ebay, Ugg and Amazon, along with Paypal, and all have worked well for me.

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