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AIBU and should I make Dp's lunch?

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sleeplessinmybedroom Mon 30-Nov-15 23:05:51

This is semi lighthearted but Dp and I are bickering over whether I should make his packed lunch for him or not. I've said I will post this and if it's deemed I am being unreasonable then I will make his packed lunch.

Just for clarity I'm on maternity leave at the moment with a 3 month old baby and a 9 year old. He works 5-7 days a week, sometimes long hours in a physical job.

I do all of the housework in the day but he does pitch in when he's home. He washes up every night.

He takes the baby when he gets in and puts her to bed. If she wakes in the night for her dummy he sorts her more often than me.

When I was working he sometimes made my packed lunch.

I just hate making packed lunches. I won't let Ds have them because I hate it so much. So who is being unreasonable?

Seeyounearertime Mon 30-Nov-15 23:08:15

Who gets up at what time in the mornings?

Not that it makes a difference........

He should make them last thing at night and put them in the fridge. grin

Leeds2 Mon 30-Nov-15 23:09:41

I would make some, not all, of the packed lunches as a compromise. And I would make them the night before and put them in the fridge.

Arion Mon 30-Nov-15 23:09:23

If you were making for DS, then yes, not much more effort to make 2. As it would be an extra task, then no, he can make his own. You are on maternity leave, to look after baby and recover from the birth. Not have a bit of time off to look after your husband leave!

Barmaid101 Mon 30-Nov-15 23:10:28

I think yabu especially him being the one to get up most nights to put a dummy in! He's working 5-7 long days a week! Considering he washes up as well and sorts the baby out, could you not make the packed lunch, or if you hate it that much, take over the washing up and he can make it himself! You seem incredibly selfish!

Akire Mon 30-Nov-15 23:11:27

Since its a job you hate and he's equally capable of doing he can make his own! You don't mind holding the baby extra 3min it takes of an evening for him to make for the next day do you?

TheCrowFromBelow Mon 30-Nov-15 23:12:23

No he can make his own lunch. You're off because you have had a baby, you have enough to do.

If you were sahp with all DCs in school I'd probably still say the same, I hate making packed lunches and grown ups can get their food!

Jollyjogger Mon 30-Nov-15 23:12:32

Is this a reverse?

Who has more free time?

honeysucklejasmine Mon 30-Nov-15 23:13:39

I hate making lunches too. I'd get his point if you were making a lunch for someone else, bit otherwise it sounds like just a general household chore that you both are equally capable of doing. If he usually pitches in when he gets home, he can make it whilst you do something else "for the family".

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Mon 30-Nov-15 23:13:55

Who makes your lunch?

CrazyOldBagLady Mon 30-Nov-15 23:14:43

I think it would be nice of you to make him a packed lunch sometimes, but it shouldn't be your duty to do it.

Can't whoever makes the evening meal put a bit extra on and fill a tupperware box for the next day? Won't take any more time out of anyone's day then.

WorraLiberty Mon 30-Nov-15 23:15:48

Blimey, it takes less than 5 minutes to make a packed lunch.

Take turns or something, I dunno.

Some things are worth stressing over like who does the ironing

But this probably shouldn't be one of them.

sleeplessinmybedroom Mon 30-Nov-15 23:17:06

He gets up for work about 6, I get up when the baby wakes anytime between 6-7.30. He will also change her nappy and bring up a bottle if he has time. If I were to do them it would be at night.

I think I'd rather make the packed lunches than wash up after cooking. See he hates cooking and emptying the food waste bin so I do those.

AnyFucker Mon 30-Nov-15 23:18:20

There are some things I believe you just don't do for someone who has reached adulthood (disability aside)

Wiping their arse. Doing their ironing. Picking up their mess. Getting them up in the morning. Spitting on a hanky and wiping their face. Making their packed lunch.

Jollyjogger Mon 30-Nov-15 23:22:07

So who has more free time

sleeplessinmybedroom Mon 30-Nov-15 23:23:13

No not a reverse jogger. I think I probably get a bit more free time because he takes the baby to bed and I stay up some nights a bit later to be a grown up. If he's working late I do everything on my own.

I make my own lunch Sally.

We're not proper stressing over it worra, he just said tonight that some people he works with are surprised I dont make his lunch.

Dontneedausername Mon 30-Nov-15 23:25:40

I do it for 2x kids and DH everyday. Not my favourite thing but takes 5 mins and means he won't spend £££ in the canteen! He does plenty for me, and around the house. I'm downstairs first, so I do it as the kettle boils and toast goes in for the kids.

Lweji Mon 30-Nov-15 23:26:25

IMO a packed lunch is a personal thing. People put in what they feel like eating. He should prepare his own, unless you offered. If you wanted. Or he actually needed you to on the rare occasion.

Jollyjogger Mon 30-Nov-15 23:27:02

I guess he will get a child free lunch break daily though. Plus coffee breaks.

How hard is your 3 month old? If she's the sort you can't put down then it would be harder to make packed lunches anyway

Lweji Mon 30-Nov-15 23:27:12

he just said tonight that some people he works with are surprised I don't make his lunch.

Oh, are those his sexist colleagues, or his way of making the comment without sounding like it's him?

WorraLiberty Mon 30-Nov-15 23:27:57

Well the people at work have nothing to do with anything.

It's you choice whether you make his packed lunch or not, just as he chose to sometimes make yours.

If you really don't want to do it, then don't.

SocksRock Mon 30-Nov-15 23:28:18

I hate packed lunch as well. But I do do them for DH, as I'm doing the kids ones. I will quite often make a big batch of something at the beginning of the week though so it just has to be boxes and sent out. Things like soup, pasta salad (I do a veggie tomato sauce one and then add meat each day). Often I make extra the night before and box up a portion for him so no hassle in the morning. Would that be possible? Eg I bake three potatoes and put one with baked beans and cheese in his box so he microwaves it at lunchtime. Same with curry and rice. Or slag bol.

AnyFucker Mon 30-Nov-15 23:30:01

he just said tonight that some people he works with are surprised I don't make his lunch.

that is the equivalent of my 15yo saying all his mate's parents let them take vodka to a party

the answer is still nope sunshine

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 30-Nov-15 23:32:06

He should make his own but only so he cab put what he fancies in it.

but then I don't get the MN angst over making them.tbh. they take two mins and are hardly the faff they are made out to be.

if your making one fir the kid it's not hard to make an extra sarnie.or chop some extra carrot sticks etc

but I like to make my own lunch.

Barfuckinghumbug Mon 30-Nov-15 23:32:48

I used to make up a batch of sandwiches and freeze them as I hated making them so much, only bog standard cheese or ham, might be an idea. Before DH worked away he would make the kids lunch but I hate making them in the morning or night before. Sorry haven't answered you AIBU

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