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to think there must be another way to break into a group conversation other than talking over people

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Wormz Mon 30-Nov-15 20:54:01

Or is there?

I often go out with a group of friends - nice people - who have lots of fun talking in a group; not loud people - just talk a lot. I'm a bit quieter than most of them and find it hard sometimes to break into the conversation and say something as there never seems to be a gap so the only way I can say somthing is to talk over soneone which I think is rude of me.

But others seem to be able to get there two pennyworth in without talking over others.

Blueflavourpandapops Mon 30-Nov-15 22:08:05

I can relate to this, not much by way of advice though unfortunately. Though sometimes if conversation is particularly lively or certain topics are on the table, then we often end up butting in out of eagerness. Do you think it could be something similar?

UsedtobeFeckless Mon 30-Nov-15 23:26:22

I do know what you mean ... I sort of have the opposite problem in that my brother tends to get all alpha male-y and hold forth over DP at family events - DP then gets all huffy. I'm really not looking forward to Christmas at all because of this. I feel like I'm on eggshells all the time waiting for things to kick off.

chumbler Tue 01-Dec-15 06:32:14

Yup I do this, it sounds like I'm very passionate About whatever as I blurt it out in a hurry to get in!! Any tips?!

CherryPicking Tue 01-Dec-15 06:34:55

I have this problem all the time...

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