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To think Cadburys have ruined their advent calendars?

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notenoughhoursleft Mon 30-Nov-15 00:19:51

What happened to the Xmassy pictures on the front of Cadburys advent calendars? They used to be quite realistic and you actually had to hunt for the numbers in the picture. Now they have just thrown on a cartoon snowman and nothing else with the numbers standing out clear as day. I seem to remember last year when they changed there isn't even a message inside each door anymore - just a rubbish picture.

I suppose I need to get a life. But I had to buy these in bulk today and it bothered me. Has anyone come across a good calendar with messages inside?

mumeeee Mon 30-Nov-15 00:23:33

I've bought Cadburys Advent Calendars for years and they have always had pictures in them never had messages.

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