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AIBU to ask you each for a haiku?

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Clare1971 Sun 29-Nov-15 22:34:11

Years ago my sister embroidered an advent calendar for us and each year I wrap and hang chocolates on it. As a joke, I suggested this year that instead of chocolates I could write and hang a haiku on each day. (Haiku - 3 line poem with 5, 7 and 5 syllables in each line). My DC's think it's a great idea so now I've got to write 24 bloody haikus. Turns out I am crap at it. EG: Christmas is coming, The goose is getting fat but, not as fat as me.
Anyone like to help me out?

hefzi Sun 29-Nov-15 22:37:15


(Sorry- no good at haikus: or is haiku also the plural?!)

Tapirs Sun 29-Nov-15 22:38:50

Write your own Christmas haiku

BlameItOnTheBogey Sun 29-Nov-15 22:38:44

For near the end:

Haiku's are hard work
Especially when you have to
Dream up 24

BlameItOnTheBogey Sun 29-Nov-15 22:39:05

Argh ignore the rogue apostrophe

sassytheFIRST Sun 29-Nov-15 22:39:59

Frosty the Snowman
Sat splendid in my garden
Till the sun came out.

Mince pies and brandy
Are what Santa enjoys best.
No milk for him here!

timelytess Sun 29-Nov-15 22:41:09

When celebrating
Excess should not be consumed
For fear of vomit

No, I'm no good at haiku, either.

BlameItOnTheBogey Sun 29-Nov-15 22:42:06

Not long to go now
Christmas is a time of joy
Except, for turkeys

SanityClause Sun 29-Nov-15 22:43:12

Mmmm, Advent chocolate
So delicious and creamy
None for you this year!

Balaboosta Sun 29-Nov-15 22:43:36

Haikus are a pain
Iambic pentameter
Is even harder.

Tapirs Sun 29-Nov-15 22:44:08

The last day of term
Teachers are all excited
Lucky ones get wine

Pantone363 Sun 29-Nov-15 22:48:20

The time I spent

On this haiku, was a gift

To wit, me to you

sumoweeble Sun 29-Nov-15 22:48:45

Mummy is busy
And cannot write twenty-four
Haikus for Advent

Clare1971 Sun 29-Nov-15 22:53:17

Thank you mumsnetters
Please keep being creative
while I go drink wine.

MazzleDazzle Sun 29-Nov-15 22:53:36

Kids are excited
It's that time of year again
Unwrapping presents

Christmas is coming
Movies by a cosy fire
Chocolates to share

Snowflakes are falling
Tucked up all cosy inside
Cuddled together

Drinking too much wine
Sleeping in the afternoon
Can't wait for Christmas

Long walks in winter
Snowflakes falling on our cheeks
Home for warm cocoa

Carol services
Voices uniting as one
Jingle all the way

Though those are all a bit boring and mushy! How about...

Who ate all the sprouts?
Scoffing til we're really stuffed
Christmas flatulance

All snuggled up warm
Stuffing our faces with treats
Together we trump

DrivingMissLazy1 Sun 29-Nov-15 22:54:08

A good idea
But it turns out I am crap
Chocolates next year

Clare1971 Sun 29-Nov-15 22:55:00

Tapir I've only just got yours!

SugarDiabetes Sun 29-Nov-15 22:55:18

Are you hoping for
A sleigh and reindeer fly by?
Look up to the stars!

EmpressOfTheVulvaCupcakes Sun 29-Nov-15 22:55:51

Snow will fall sometime
But don't seek it at Christmas:
More likely New Year.

SugarDiabetes Sun 29-Nov-15 22:56:16

There may be presents
There may be goodwill on earth
But there WILL be gin!

xalyssx Sun 29-Nov-15 22:56:44

Christmas time is here
Everyone wraps presents up
Then we open them

doodlejump1980 Sun 29-Nov-15 22:56:58

Haikus confuse me
More often they make no sense

sumoweeble Sun 29-Nov-15 22:57:16

Santa's fleshy bum
Was too big for the chimney.
The children cursed him.

Tapirs Sun 29-Nov-15 22:57:44


AllMyBestFriendsAreMetalheads Sun 29-Nov-15 22:58:58

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho

(In the style of Baldrick's War poem)

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