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To think Michael Fallon talked a lot of tripe on Andrew Marr today

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Pangurban1 Sun 29-Nov-15 14:03:43

When Andrew Marr asked him how a missile would distinguish between a real terrorist and a woman with a headscarf selling shoes, he started saying how wonderfully accurate and splendidly precise they were.

I think Andrew Marr should have asked him would he personally try that out by being beside someone the missile was aimed at. So many things go wrong, intelligence as well. If the murders which happened in Paris was a slaughter, it is equally a slaughter to drop bombs where the civilians of Raquaa were probably going to die. Isis go into bunkers and go into the schools and hospitals. The Kurds were on the ground fighting ISIS and Turkey starting bombing them. Why don't they bl**dy help forces on the ground already operating there.

Nato allies are helping isis. Buying stuff off them and leaving the border open for comings and goings. Yet Turkey can see of a few seconds alleged transgression of the border of a Russian plane.

It only becomes a Labour whip issue because the Conservatives have a significant minority dissent in their own party who mightn't believe Camerons or his moderate other fanatics 70,000 troops bull and vote against bombing. They have a 7 seat majority, so they could win it outright if they themselves didn't have their own party problem. It is being concentrated on as a Labour party issue because the Conservative support is dubious and they have a party issue themselves with that. That is why the Conservatives are trying to make it about the Labour party.

Defence committee chairman Julian Lewis said: "Air strikes alone will not be effective, they have to be in co-ordination with credible ground forces.
"The suggestion there are 70,000 non-Islamist, moderate, credible ground forces, I have to say, is a revelation to me and I suspect most other MPs in this House.
"Adequate ground forces, in my view, depend on the participation of the Syrian Army." From the telegraph.

Even the defence committee chairman thought this newly magicked 70,000 number is bull. Michael Fallon even mentioned academics agreed with this number. Shades of Iraq here and the nuclear weapons spring to mind.

Events like Paris do not need to be planned in Syria. Bombing there will not change things like Paris here. Weapons and lunatics are all that is needed. Probably plenty around. Even more so because Britain along with others left the migrant issue for southern Europe to deal with and many are coming in not properly checked and undocumented. These make their way north and west, so it is as much an issue for northern Europe. One or two of the Paris terrorists had come this route. Now the price is being paid for things that northern Europe could and should have done. Easily.

Very cross at they didn't do what they could have and knee jerk into bombing with out anything afterwards being planned properly. I think there are a lot of lies being thrown about as well. There is no NATO or UN resolution. Why? Oh, and like a UN resolution is not a UN resolution.

Cut off the bl**dy money, revenue and supplies. Via Turkey, Saudi Arabia and any other nurturers.

There, got that off my chest. I'll have lunch now.

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