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To wish the snow would go away?

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Salmotrutta Sun 29-Nov-15 10:06:31

Yes, yes, I know it's all very lovely for a bit but it gets boring after a while..

And it's cold.

And I have to go out later.

DansonslaCapucine Sun 29-Nov-15 10:10:35

Where are you?

It's hailing here. Or is it sleet? Not, sure. One thing for sure is that I'm not going out in it.

West Coast of Scotland.

cariadlet Sun 29-Nov-15 10:11:09

Whereabouts in the country are you? We haven't had any snow down here for a couple of years. I wish you could get rid of yours by sending it down to me.

dementedpixie Sun 29-Nov-15 10:11:51

Where are you? We just have pissing down rain and high winds. My glass bin has gone down again as I heard it clattering.

londonrach Sun 29-Nov-15 10:12:02

Snow? Where are you? (Packs sledge). Please please take pictures. Cant remember the last time ive seen snow.

Salmotrutta Sun 29-Nov-15 10:13:52

I'm in the middle of Scotland (don't like to get too specific wink) and you are welcome to my snow cariadlet.

It's now great big massive flakes shock

dementedpixie Sun 29-Nov-15 10:14:54

I'm central Scotland too so I feel cheated now!

dementedpixie Sun 29-Nov-15 10:15:51

Or north Lanarkshire to be a little more precise

londonrach Sun 29-Nov-15 10:16:28

Sal please take some photos of the huge flakes. Lucky you.

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sun 29-Nov-15 10:16:37

It's blowing a gale here in Shropshiređź’¨. I wanted to go out to buy candles but no way I hell am I leaving the house in this.

DansonslaCapucine Sun 29-Nov-15 10:16:51

The sleet/hail has just stopped and I can actually see some blue sky and sun approaching - from the West. Well, well, well.

Salmotrutta Sun 29-Nov-15 10:17:01

london I would take pics if I but my iPad doesn't seem to let me upload them onto threads anymore.

My guess is that Aviemore and Glenshee will have ski-ing this weekend!

Salmotrutta Sun 29-Nov-15 10:19:32

demented I am saying "middle" to avoid specifics but actually I'm in Tayside - which is a big region so I'm sure that doesn't out me! grin

ouryve Sun 29-Nov-15 10:20:35

Just wet and very windy in Durham. Lots of puddles and debris. The roads are quiet,ind!

We got snow last weekend which partially thawed and turned into thick ice the same night it landed. Horrid

Salmotrutta Sun 29-Nov-15 10:28:30

I tried to take a photo of the flakes but because they are falling they just come out as blurry streaks - how do I get round that? Any tips?

CatThiefKeith Sun 29-Nov-15 10:30:12

Do you fancy a house swap for a week or so? I'd love some snow. Kent is lovely this time of year. wink

dementedpixie Sun 29-Nov-15 10:30:53

Correction, dh has rescued 3 bins and rubbish strewn across the garden and moved them down the side of the house. I hate windy weather

abbsismyhero Sun 29-Nov-15 10:32:35

its is pissing it down over here

derxa Sun 29-Nov-15 10:32:37

Wee boys are out practising rugby outside my window. Wind and torrential rain.
SW Scotland. God I hate the winter.

LindyHemming Sun 29-Nov-15 10:42:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LindyHemming Sun 29-Nov-15 10:44:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MummaV Sun 29-Nov-15 10:44:16

Send it down to Devon. I am in desperate need of some snow. We haven't had decent snow in 5 years and its my favourite winter weather.

LaurieFairyCake Sun 29-Nov-15 10:44:40

I have just planted 265 tulips at the allotment in 9 degree weather this morning and the ground was really soft

What a difference from Central Scotland to Hertfordshire ! grin bloody hell

Salmotrutta Sun 29-Nov-15 10:45:40

Okay - trying to upload photo of snow lying on garden. Flakes aren't really coming out well as I'm a bit rubbish at photography grin

LuluJakey1 Sun 29-Nov-15 10:47:59

Pouring here, very cold and very very windy- South Northumberland

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