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to eat onion rings

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DiorSausage Fri 27-Nov-15 22:39:31

when I have a hot sex date tomorrow night??

I'm starving and their filthy beige wiles are calling to me from the freezer....

But more often than not, they give me the worst, hot, breathy and unbelievably smelly wind the next day.

I can't can I? Sigh.

TwoSmellyDogs Fri 27-Nov-15 22:44:11

Onion rings produce a particularly toxic gas in me - so much so that I sleep in the spare room after indulging. So no - if you're after a damned good thropping tomorrow night then you should probably lay off them!

DiorSausage Fri 27-Nov-15 23:01:55

grin at 'thropping' and grin grin at your username!

I shall resist. Wine and olives it is.

TwoSmellyDogs Fri 27-Nov-15 23:22:58

Very wise. grin

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