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to wish the dc would just go to bed?

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StealthPolarBear Fri 27-Nov-15 18:38:58

I know it's only 6.30 but I am all excited about wrapping their presents grin

StealthPolarBear Fri 27-Nov-15 18:41:30

Send sleepy vibes. ..

StealthPolarBear Fri 27-Nov-15 19:08:21

Ten minutes

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Fri 27-Nov-15 21:17:25

It's dark, therefore it must be bedtime?

girlguide123 Fri 27-Nov-15 22:09:34

christmas presents? there's still plenty of time for wrapping, fret not x

TheMasterMurderedMargarita Fri 27-Nov-15 22:12:02

I feel your pain.
Mine was just out at Brownies and I did all of hers then.
Starting to get that fizzy Christmas feeling! !

febreeze Fri 27-Nov-15 22:31:35

No- so wrong. Christmas Eve. Go and get the tree. Nativity Service. Family supper. Bed for children. Wrap the presents, eat the carrots, drink the port. Bed for adults.

StealthPolarBear Sat 28-Nov-15 10:09:11

Febreeze that is how we usually do it. Usually up till midnight wrapping and then up again at 5. This year I'm organised and I'm so excited about getting sorted. I plan to actually enjoy my time off rather than stressing about things not done.

TheMasterMurderedMargarita Sat 28-Nov-15 15:32:53

I'm normally organised but left it til the last minute last year and it wasn't fun.
Christmas eve in our house is for drinking Baileys - magic 😀

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