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To ask if you could help me find a full time course for DD aged 16 to start in January (London)

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crepeyneck Fri 27-Nov-15 08:08:58

I just can't find anything and if he does not do something I will lose child benefit and working tax credits which I just cannot afford. Staying put is not an option.

flamingnoravera Fri 27-Nov-15 09:02:59

January starts are hard but not impossible to find, funding and academic years just dont work easily to January starts. I suggest you call around all the Further Education Colleges in your area and ask. There will be some who offer level 1 courses for NEETS (young people who are not in education or training) that start in January.

Why is she in this situation? Your daughter needs to take a pro-active role in this if she is able. Your needs for money are undertandable but they will not motivate her to attend and if she does not, or has a poor history of attendance she may find it difficult to find somewhere that will take her.

I just googled "college courses starting in January 2016" and I can see a whole list of colleges from Westminster to Newham offering new year starts. Good luck.

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