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Could you stand on the left?! (lighthearted)

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lilyb84 Thu 26-Nov-15 19:33:11

I'm sure it's purely psychological but I feel like I'm getting to the tube (or out of the bloody station) quicker when I walk on the left... just can't see this working after decades of ingrained habits!

I think I'd get the rage if I had to stand. But if it genuinely improves flow through the station and therefore overall journey times I guess that will make me U...

Crazybaglady Thu 26-Nov-15 19:34:27

I can just see the chaos at Waterloo.

southeastastra Thu 26-Nov-15 19:36:25

i just think it's an accident waiting to happen. and if you in a genuine rush or someone collapses it will be chaos

i used to love rushing up the left at angel, though i was always late for work

EmpressOfTheVulvaCupcakes Thu 26-Nov-15 19:37:40

It just feels weird.

I normally stand on the way up unless I'm feeling energetic but I'm used to charging downwards at full speed. It's what Londoners do.

Unnatural. <shakes head>

MsVestibule Thu 26-Nov-15 19:39:26

Lighthearted? How can you class an issue as serious as this as lighthearted?! I live over 300 miles away from London now, and even I'm hyperventilating at the very thought! I do get the reasoning behind it, but still...

IwishIwasinNewYork Thu 26-Nov-15 19:40:08


Literally teeth itching, palms sweating, heart pounding at the VERY THOUGHT

ElinorRochdale Thu 26-Nov-15 19:42:50

Might work at Holborn, the station in the story, where it's a very long escalator and most people wouldn't want to walk up. But I can't see it working on shorter escalators.

And no, I don't think I could bring myself to stand on the left. Even in shops, even when not in London, my friends and I tuck ourselves neatly in on the right, in single file. (You can always tell who is used to the Tube, by watching how they use an escalator.)

ThisisMrsNicolaHicklin Thu 26-Nov-15 19:46:57

I was warned so many times about walking on the left/standing on the right when I first moved Daan Saaaf that I suspected it might be legal to commit murder if you came across an infringement. I haven't lived in London for years but I still obey smile

SoupDragon Thu 26-Nov-15 19:47:28

I can't use the wrong side of any escalator this is so ingrained in me.

Jibberjabberjooo Thu 26-Nov-15 19:49:37

I don't live in London anymore but I still stand on the right!

megletthesecond Thu 26-Nov-15 19:51:22

I don't stand on escalators, I get all twitchy. I'm even training the dc's to walk up them on the tube.

MajesticWhine Thu 26-Nov-15 19:53:29

No. Just no. I'm not wasting my time just standing there. Oh, and all those who think it's ok to pop your suitcase down next to you so it blocks my way, no to that as well thank you.

MyCatIsABiggerBastardThanYours Thu 26-Nov-15 19:58:45

Christ on a bike it will be bloody chaos! Waterloo will grind to a halt surely!

People power will win and just carry on as they are (I hope!)

lilyb84 Thu 26-Nov-15 20:01:56

MsVestibule clearly not lighthearted, don't know what I was thinking. I'll ask MNHQ to amend the thread title grin

VashtaNerada Thu 26-Nov-15 20:06:19

Nooooooooo I can't bear it!!! Stand on the right, walk on the left. Anything else is positively un-patriotic angry

hefzi Thu 26-Nov-15 20:09:53

On Merseyside, they don't have the stand on the right rule - it's chaos, I tell you: people all over the shop. When young people go down to London for the first time, they are fascinated by "stand on the right" - and sing its praises.

If it happens on the Tube too, it will pretty much be the end of civilisation as we know it...

ForalltheSaints Thu 26-Nov-15 20:11:31

Whatever next! Talking to strangers when it's not an emergency or you need directions? Taxi drivers going south of the river? A London house under £450,000?

Livvylongpants Thu 26-Nov-15 20:13:36

Oh god no! we were in London on tuesday and DD kept trying to stand on the right hand side!

I was hissing 'move, move' you are blocking the busy people!

It would feel so wrong to stand on the right!

however.. for goodness sakes its 2015 get some bloody lifts!! getting a buggy up the escalator is bloody precarious

Livvylongpants Thu 26-Nov-15 20:14:05

i meant left hand side no right... this thread is getting me flustered

ScrambledSmegs Thu 26-Nov-15 20:14:32

No. It's just not British.

EmpressOfTheVulvaCupcakes Thu 26-Nov-15 20:22:51

There's an Agreed Protocol when people stand on the left.

You tap them on the shoulder and shout "MOVE!!!!!"

LumelaMme Thu 26-Nov-15 20:23:22

But I'm spending a day working in London, bolting up the escalator is the only I get!

BlueJug Thu 26-Nov-15 20:25:03

Empress - absolutely right!

AliceInUnderpants Thu 26-Nov-15 20:29:20

I don't get it, are there no stairs?

ScrambledSmegs Thu 26-Nov-15 20:30:11

Ah, that sounds a lot like when the trains are up shit creek, one finally arrives but is packed to the rafters, people standing with faces in other people's backs/armpits/groins and then when the doors open someone digs their bag/briefcase into the nearest poor sod and yells "Can you move down inside please".

No. Because there's no room. Obviously angry

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