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To hate where I live?

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perrita Wed 25-Nov-15 22:28:25

Just that really. Grew up in a working class town with a fairly high rate of unemployment. It's not that bad as far as these kind of towns go I suppose, had a good up bringing but I always swore I would move out of this town as soon as I was old enough. What happened instead though was I met someone from here fell in love married him and now I can't leave. DH would not move. He has his own business that is based here. We did live abroad for a couple of years and I just feel it is even worse here now. AIBU to hate living here? Most people I know are proud to be from here and say I should be too but no idea why. Anyone in similar situations and if so how do you get by?

vulgarbunting Wed 25-Nov-15 23:11:59

I think that you need to change your perspective (I know, easier said than done).

My sister is desperate to move to London (where I live) and doesn't understand why I am desperate to move to the city where she lives. She thinks I'm crazy, all the exciting stuff happens down here, but all I can see is the negatives. She hates where she lives, but I see the amazing quality of life in her city.

Can you think of some positives about where you live? A sort of 'count your blessings' exercise?

manicinsomniac Wed 25-Nov-15 23:32:52

exactly what vulgarbunting said. I don't like the sound of where you live from what you say either and I'd certainly hate to live in the same place I grew up. BUT - there will be positives and, if moving isn't an option, you need to find them.

I'm also desperate to live in London. I actually live in a tiny village with no decent public transport. I'm a city person and some days it drives me mad. But I've chosen to focus on the fact that it's safe, peaceful, pretty and only 40 minutes from London. Which makes me see that I have a pretty good deal!

Steamedcharsiubun Thu 26-Nov-15 00:38:51

It's understandable to hate where you live if it's not what we want even if everyone else loves it.

I always wanted to leave where I grew up and ended up leaving my ex but that is a radical plan. He still lives in the teeny tiny insular place that it is. I have relocated a number of times and quite like that though.

noclueses Thu 26-Nov-15 00:46:43

vulgar, I'm curious, what's the worst thing about London for you? did you like it when you moved in intially?

PeppasNanna Thu 26-Nov-15 01:00:18

I live in London. In one of the poorest boroughs. Its an absolute shit hole. I won't go out at night. The local services are almost non existent . Transport is rubbish. Schools are hideous. No family or friends.

But the LEA fund 2 my dc school placements so i will stay for at least another 12 years!grin

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