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Pillow rage.

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DXBMermaid Wed 25-Nov-15 12:17:18

Occasionally DD ends up in bed with us. I don't mind sharing my bed with her, I don't mind sharing my duvet, but I hate having to share my pillow.
I can deal with knees in my back, but her head on my pillow makes me want to chuck her out of bed. In fact I hate it so much that last night when she woke up I sat with her on her bed holding her for a good 30 minutes hoping she would nod off. No such luck of course.

mangocoveredlamb Wed 25-Nov-15 12:18:17

I feel your pain. I have a small square cushion that goes between my and DH's pillows

DXBMermaid Wed 25-Nov-15 13:11:33

I tried bringing in her own toddler pillow, but she insists lying on mine. 3am is no time for a discussion with a 2.5year old. hmm

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