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AIBU Fuming with gp surgery

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CookieKatie Tue 24-Nov-15 17:21:40

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and had a gp appintment for next Wednesday all lined up. Was happy as it coincided with annual leave I'd for travel for a friend's wedding.
I booked it last Friday and was really excited!
They've just rung up to tell me it shouldn't have been booked in the first place the midwife isn't in AND the only time she sees new appointments is 12.20 pm & 12.40pm on Tuesdays and 2pm &2.20 pm Wednesdays.

Aibu to think they should try to fit me in later on the Tuesday - it's not my fault they cancelled sad not ready to tell work (plus my manager is on annual leave for two weeks so can't tell her even if I wanted too) so would have to take annual leave for any appointments made!

Cleansheetsandbedding Tue 24-Nov-15 17:22:33


SpottyTeacakes Tue 24-Nov-15 17:25:43

They made a mistake yes it's annoying but you're overreacting. It's not really possible to just 'squeeze' people in when the appointments aren't there. Wrt work can't you just tell them you have a doctors appt? You don't need to tell them why. You've got a few weeks before you need to book in anyway.


sugar21 Tue 24-Nov-15 17:25:35


SpottyTeacakes Tue 24-Nov-15 17:25:58

Oh and YABU

ginslinger Tue 24-Nov-15 17:26:28

Unless there's some underlying health issue you can wait -

Ridiculous midwife times though

GlitteryRollers Tue 24-Nov-15 17:26:49

Excited about a GP appointment? Really.

Mouthfulofquiz Tue 24-Nov-15 17:26:54

Don't most people have their booking in appointments at 8 weeks plus? It's just a form filling exercise anyway... Sorry to piss on your chips! Having done three of them, I can tell you that your first midwife appointment is dull as ditchwater.

QforCucumber Tue 24-Nov-15 17:27:36

Did you book the gp appointment ad tell them it's because you're pregnant? I only ask because it seems common place now that gp's don't bother seeing people in early pregnancy, you're pretty much left to your own devices. All the gp will have done is refer you to the midwife and you'd have had to go see her too.

LindyHemming Tue 24-Nov-15 17:28:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TurnipCake Tue 24-Nov-15 17:29:06

OP, in a lot of areas the midwives won't even see a patient until they're over 8/40, try not to be too upset

scarlets Tue 24-Nov-15 17:29:12


I wouldn't bother with it at all. See the midwife in a few weeks' time. There's no rush.

Enjoy the wedding.

ElderlyKoreanLady Tue 24-Nov-15 17:29:42

Why would you have to book annual leave for a medical appointment?

PaulAnkaTheDog Tue 24-Nov-15 17:31:36

Yabu. But you're excited so it's understandable.

Cornettoninja Tue 24-Nov-15 17:33:18

The midwife might not actually be based there and only attend for her specific clinics (in fact I'm willing to bet that's the case) so later isn't an option no matter whose fault it is. It's not great, but fuming is an over reaction.

If you're prepared to travel you could ask for the midwifes number and see if she had a clinic that does run at the time you want at a different location and if she's prepared to see you there for your booking in.

Just to echo others it really is a form filling exercise so don't wind yourself up about it. Any immediate concerns should go asap directly to your nearest early pregnancy unit at this point.

Llouh Tue 24-Nov-15 17:33:47

They don't sound massively organised but I made a GP appointment at 5 weeks too and it was utterly pointless.

They didn't do another test and asked if I wanted the baby. I said yes and the GP asked why I had made an appointment then.

Unless you have an underlying condition that might need monitoring then don't worry about it. Congrats smile

Choughed Tue 24-Nov-15 17:34:18

My experience is that midwife appts are unbelievably inconvenient. You are in for a very long and frustrating pregnancy if you are "fuming" at this.

Congratulations btw.

TheWitTank Tue 24-Nov-15 17:34:29

You don't need to use annual leave for medical appointments. Make one in the scheduled times and let work know you will be attending. Congratulations!

Spilose Tue 24-Nov-15 17:35:40

Your only 5 weeks, an appointment really isn't urgent is it? Just wait until your boss returns or just take time off for te appointment only.

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Tue 24-Nov-15 17:35:52

Why would you have to book annual leave for a medical appointment? because many workplaces have a policy that medical appointments should be booked out of work core hours unless approved by line manager, as line manager in op's case is on leave then he /she can't approve. I think ante natal appointments are ok in work time (would have to check) but op does not want work to know yet. YANBU op, imo, the GP surgery should have all this information about who / when to book / staff hours etc on file so that appointments can not be made in error when someone is not there to take them. bad luck.

Idefix Tue 24-Nov-15 17:36:44

Congratulations op but yabu.
Where I work you wouldn't be getting an appt at all at 5 weeks, unless you have an underlying issue.
You can pick up folic acid tablets in boots or get a script from gp/np.

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Tue 24-Nov-15 17:36:49

oh and congratulations op flowers hope all goes well

Jibberjabberjooo Tue 24-Nov-15 17:36:56

In many areas you don't need to see the GP as you self refer to the midwife for a booking in appointment at 8-19 weeks. The GP won't confirm a pregnancy, the tests are the same.

I get your excited and congratulations but yabu.

Fwiw, midwives often cover various areas so some only have clinics on certain days, mine did.

Junosmum Tue 24-Nov-15 17:38:12

My midwife only sees people Mondays between 8.45 and 11.30. That's it, no other option.


patterkiller Tue 24-Nov-15 17:38:32

Honestly, the midwife would say 'that's nice dear, make an appointment for eight weeks'

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