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pahahaha... surely they realised what this looks like?

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flanjabelle Sun 22-Nov-15 21:07:33

Aibu to chortle rather childishly when looking at this? Scroll down to the other products like this, and look at the gif for the 'stress sausages'!

After a shitty day with a vomiting child, this cheered me right up!

sugar21 Sun 22-Nov-15 21:11:35

Ooo tis a bit wanky

flanjabelle Sun 22-Nov-15 21:16:48

Oh my goodness. Search for the stress mushrooms! It's even worse!

Tirfarthoin Sun 22-Nov-15 21:25:06

I want one grin

miaowroar Sun 22-Nov-15 22:38:00

Sausages and mushrooms blush wink grin

.. but I found the magnetic one rather disconcerting too! hmm

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