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Anyone awake? AIBU to Not want ds2 6yr to go on a big walk in104f temperature. .?

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lborgia Fri 20-Nov-15 04:02:23

It's 3 pm here in Sydney and 40 degrees. Ds2 i supposed to join other beavers for a trip into the city on a train, walk over the harbour bridge and then a couple of theme park rides.the walk will start when the weather is about 38 (so, 100?98? Degrees).

Beavers leader refuses to cancel because she made so much effort or organise her personal life to be there. Dh is suppose to go Anna doesn't want to annoy her because he's also in scouting.

Am i missing something thinking duty of care to 6 year old s more important than the fact that you can't be there another time.


BoxofSnails Fri 20-Nov-15 04:10:22

You know much more than us here in the UK about living in that kind of heat. But it doesn't sound all that safe, even with sunhats and water. Are you able to compromise and meet them maybe part way thru? If not, then make the call for your son's safety, surely your DH will get that?

SlantyBaws Fri 20-Nov-15 04:12:29

Gosh it's far too hot out there to be trouping over the bridge - even later in the day. And I reckon Luna Park might cancel some of the rides because of these heat?

TheHouseOnTheLane Fri 20-Nov-15 04:13:51

YANBU OP. I live in Adelaide and know what that heat's like. Just don't send him.

Sighing Fri 20-Nov-15 04:14:16

YANBU if they're not used to the (non ac) full heat taking a walk away from possible shade (though cooler over a harbour) is probably not great. Is the walk towards the end of the day? (Any chance after sunset).
If they have all that planned a change to accommodate the weather would surely teach them good scouting / planning / outdoor skills (change the walk to something more active but in the shade with breaks, make the walk shorter etc).

Sighing Fri 20-Nov-15 04:15:41

Ah ok. I see other Australians know the bridge is too hot. Ignore me! Keep him home and cool!

IAmNotAWitch Fri 20-Nov-15 04:16:42

Nope. I just got on a bus near the bridge and the wind is like a hairdryer. I wouldn't be allowing my kids out in this.

AngelsOnHigh Fri 20-Nov-15 04:16:59

Isn't it a school day?

steff13 Fri 20-Nov-15 04:17:52

It gets that hot and hotter here in Ohio in the summer. They usually put out a heat advisory when the temps get above 100, telling people to keep elderly people and young kids indoors in the A/C. I don't know what your humidity is like there, though. We get VERY humid, so it's hot and sticky and stifiling.

How far is he actually walking? If he's dressed sensibly, and has plenty of water, it will probably be ok. I can't imagine dealing with a bunch of cranky kids in that heat, though.

crabb Fri 20-Nov-15 04:18:38

What time is he meant to go?

steff13 Fri 20-Nov-15 04:18:40

Ahh, lots of x posts! It looks like you need to keep him home, OP.

IAmNotAWitch Fri 20-Nov-15 04:19:34

Yes. Temp will still be high 30s up until 9 pm tonight.

It is home icy cold wine and in the pool for us (well no wine for the kidlets).

Not walking around a wide open space with no shade.

crabb Fri 20-Nov-15 04:24:47

Egads, It's still meant to be 40 at 5.30! I would keep him home.

lborgia Fri 20-Nov-15 04:35:09

Thanks everyone, I'm afraid i told ds2 his friend can't go because it's too hot. .which is true but means ds2 won't go smile I hate that dh put me in this position but that's a whole other story.

I'm also vaguely contemplating writing to the leader about it. She spent a very long time telling me all the things she was missing, her parents coming from miles away to do something with hospitalized daughter? ! I don't know, it all sounded awful but i couldn't understand what that had to do with looking after the boys.

Anyway, i feel a bit wretched and resentful but as I'm sure many on here would be quick to point out, that's my problem not hers!

Lol at wine witch I'll have to settle for cordial grin pool definitely though!

Thanks again for all the helpful comments and, agree, 20 degrees cooler and it would've been an excellent learning experience.

IAmNotAWitch Fri 20-Nov-15 04:38:23

And normally the bridge would be cooler. But with the wind coming in from the west it really is a bad idea.

lborgia Fri 20-Nov-15 04:40:30

Ps, yes it's a school day and it's now half three, so we're all home, ds2 is slightly dehydrated just from today! It was supposed to start at 4 at the train station. .

lborgia Fri 20-Nov-15 04:44:19

DH has just rung to say he's standing outside the office and it doesn't seem impossible. hmm I'm afraid I quoted "mumsnetters who know, think that"... I'm not sure he was quaking in his boots but it made me feel supported weird sensation

ThumbWitchesAbroad Fri 20-Nov-15 04:46:55


It's 43 degrees up here - has been 41 most of the day - and sports day at school today. I spoke to the teachers this morning because DS1 has a history of heatstroke (ANZAC day parade last year, poor kid - nearly passed out and then threw up) and they said they'd cancelled sport for the day and although they would let the children out at recess, they'd set up indoor activities everywhere for anyone who got too hot.

Going for a walk out in this would have half killed DS1 (7) so I don't at all blame you for not wanting your DS2 to go!

ThumbWitchesAbroad Fri 20-Nov-15 04:47:50

And yes, even the short walk to the school gates from the car in the teeth of the hot wind was like having my skin flayed - too hot!

IAmNotAWitch Fri 20-Nov-15 04:50:58

I love the heat. Even this heat. But even I know that walking around in it is a bloody stupid idea.

Mrsfrumble Fri 20-Nov-15 04:51:35

Argh, yes, the thought of tramping over a bridge with little shade, the sun reflecting of the water below and all the passing cars makes me feel a little ill! I'm guessing queuing for rides at a theme park in such heat would be no fun either.

I'm in Oklahoma so summer's over here, but we had many days over 100 degrees and it was grim.

lborgia Fri 20-Nov-15 04:58:10

Massive high from so many people thinking I'm right, even if it would be obvious to any normal person. .

Yes, thumbs, DS sweats like a piglet and vomiting from heat is a charming extra since we moved here. .

Scarzo Fri 20-Nov-15 05:03:14

Another Sydney resident here. The 10 minute walk home was almost too much for my 6yo this afternoon.

This link from Sports Medicine Australia gives guidelines for activity during hot weather.

36oC seems to be the cut off for activity. I would go so far as to say that the Beavers leader is putting the childrens health at risk.

ThumbWitchesAbroad Fri 20-Nov-15 05:03:59

Awful, isn't it? Poor little buggers. Both my boys sweat loads, especially through their heads (as do I - joy) but the ANZAC parade was a new low.

He did ok at school today though because they were being very careful with them; DS2 (3) wanted to play outside (hahahaha!) but then stepped out the door into the then-39 deg heat for about 20 seconds, stood still, said "too hot!" and rushed back inside! grin

lborgia Fri 20-Nov-15 05:13:33

Thanks Scarzo i thought so but often feel I'm being totally over protective (not happy for toddler to be around pool without water wings - I'm such a kill joy! )..

Ah, maybe we of the perspiring brow should form a group thumb .. my only upside to now having a car based life, is not getting off public transport a soggy lump!

Question is, am i going to embarrass dh (not the purpose) by sending an email to the group leader/leaders/group leader/head of scouting in Sydneyshock

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