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Mobility scooters and children - AIBU or just a grumpy old fart?

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GorillaWar Wed 18-Nov-15 16:18:22

I live in a U shaped no-through road. It's reasonably quiet but there are a couple of light commercial/industrial buildings around so there are vans coming and going occasionally. The lady opposite is very elderly and walks unsteadily with her frame to and from the local shops, lots of driveways including ours open onto this road.

There's a gentleman who uses a mobility scooter who lives on my road, I know him enough to smile and nod but have never had a conversation with him. Every evening that it's not raining there is a group of children that ride his mobility scooter up and down the road. They all like on together and play games like trying to wobble each other off by cornering quickly, that kind of thing. They're not going fast but definitely faster than I would drive considering there isn't enough space for two cars or much visibility around the corner.

I accept that it's probably really good fun for them and as its electric there's not too much noise except for giggles which is nice to hear. I'm a bit worried about the safety aspect of it. They could easily knock over the elderly neighbour or meet a van etc. particularly as the evenings become darker.

I can't imagine they're joyriding it every evening so I presume it's with the permission of the scooter's owner. WIBU to speak to them or the scooters owner? Not even sure what the legality of this is.

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Tuiles Wed 18-Nov-15 16:23:03

Read this

Some can't be driven on roads and ones that can cannot be driven by under 14s.

GorillaWar Wed 18-Nov-15 16:26:17

I've no idea how old they are but they're definitely not 14. Maybe k should have a chat with the owner of the scooter then. I hate this kind of conversation but I think ignoring it might be asking for an accident

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ZoeTurtle Wed 18-Nov-15 16:28:25

Sounds like an accident waiting to happen. I'd have a chat with your PCSO, they should come down to the road one evening to observe, assess the risk and if appropriate have a friendly word with the kids.

KeepOnMoving1 Wed 18-Nov-15 16:32:19

Yanbu, it's not a bloody toy for them to be messing about on. They could injure someone and then what. Why is he allowing the kids to use it at all.

Pseudo341 Wed 18-Nov-15 17:02:59

Assuming it's a road legal scooter it will be limited to 8mph, 4mph if it's not road legal. A road legal scooter will have a limiter to reduce the maximum speed from 8mph to 4mph which has to be swiched on if you're driving on the pavement or in any pedestrian area. I'm saying all this because I think one thing you could suggest is that they keep the limiter on, so they can still have fun but keep the speed down. Also, ideally, they need to be doing it in a better location, they shouldn't be on the road if they're not old enough. I'm guessing the scooter owner is enjoying being able to be cool with the local kids. I have a (road legal, 8mph) powerchair, it is absolutely brilliant fun to drive and I certainly plan on letting my kids have a go when they're older, but not anywhere they could cause problems. I'd say a quiet word with the owner and/or kids is the way to go.

GorillaWar Wed 18-Nov-15 17:26:10

Maybe I could suggest the playing field at the end of the road then. Are they any good on grass? I want them to keep having fun as it all seems very innocent but just in a safer way

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UnlikelyPilgramage Wed 18-Nov-15 17:27:41

If you really are worried about their safety, speak to parents.

Pseudo341 Wed 18-Nov-15 18:36:00

Depends on the vehicle. One of the road legal 8mph scooters should be able to handle grass provided it's not too bumpy. My chair's an off roader, it's awesome, everyone should have one!

GorillaWar Wed 18-Nov-15 19:00:44

I've no idea who their parents are

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seasidesally Wed 18-Nov-15 19:19:08

no he shouldnt let them ride his scooter,it's blardy stupid and dangerous

i would not have a word with the owner or children using it

Zora0220 Sun 21-Jun-20 11:43:19

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