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removal company nightmare

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Ickythumpsmum Wed 18-Nov-15 10:55:08

Need the traffic - I know im not BU.

Our removal company should have been here at this morning. They are now almost three hours late. No response at any of their numbers or emails. They are a reputable company and my friends also used them recently.
The buyer's are moving in tomorrow. We MUST be out today.
What can we do?
We have paid them most of the money by transfer already.

SoupDragon Wed 18-Nov-15 10:56:54

Can you go to their place of business?

TheHouseOnTheLane Wed 18-Nov-15 10:58:35

Gosh that's bad! Have you posted on their social media?Who is it?

MummaGiles Wed 18-Nov-15 10:58:37

Can you call around other local companies and explain your situation, as if anyone can help out last minute? Priority is getting out. After that you can pursue the no show company for the money back.

MummaGiles Wed 18-Nov-15 11:01:37

Where abouts are you? Just in case someone knows of someone or a company that can help out.

BoomBoomsCousin Wed 18-Nov-15 11:39:39

That is a horrendous situation to be in. How much stuff and how far do you have to move? How many friends do you have available? And are you all packed into boxes?

Possible solutions to the immediate problem
- If local move then a "man with a van" (or several local men with vans)
- Rent some vans and have friends come round ASAP (this evening if necessary) to fill them.
- If not local rent a storage space and move everything their tonight.
- See if your estate agent can recommend someone, find movers who can come today, or some muscle to do some lifting if you rent vans.
- Call round every local mover and see if they can help.

None of this works if you need a big truck for all your stuff though. In that case you need to call the people moving in and let them know. See if their movers can recommend someone since it's an emergency.

Document all your efforts to contact the movers you are contracted with so that you can make a claim against them after.

Buy wine for when it's all over.

All the best OP.

Ickythumpsmum Wed 18-Nov-15 18:26:34

Thanks everyone. I drove to their office and spoke directly with them. They insisted they had understood the 19th and have taken some money off. They will do the move very early tomorrow morning. I would have gotten back to you sooner but I seem to have been driving sinc we befofe lunchtime. Never moving again.

Ickythumpsmum Wed 18-Nov-15 19:23:40

Just wanted to say thank you again for your advice. Ive also got the numbers of men with vans just in case tomorrow. Appreciate your advice more than you know.

BoomBoomsCousin Wed 18-Nov-15 21:39:06

All the best for tomorrow. Moving is stressful enough!

DramaAlpaca Wed 18-Nov-15 21:47:05

How stressful! Hope the move goes well tomorrow.

Last time we moved house the removal company managed to arrive a day early confused

KatieLatie Wed 18-Nov-15 22:23:14

Do you have a contract or at least written agreement of the date somewhere? We have always had a removals contract clearly stating the date. I would be furious...

Ickythumpsmum Fri 20-Nov-15 17:46:10

Just an update to say the move went perfectly. It was noticable that the contact person / guy in charge was nowhere to be seen anf it was just young guys doing it. The contact person was present at my friends removal with the same company so I think he was avoiding me.
The young guys did a good job and now all our things are in the house. I hope I never have to move again.

BeeePeee Fri 20-Nov-15 20:36:06

That's a relief!

BoomBoomsCousin Fri 20-Nov-15 23:15:08

Whew! Hope you're enjoying your new home Icky.

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