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AIBU for feeling worried/ stressed about my job situation?

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Redskyatnight01 Wed 18-Nov-15 09:26:58

I’ll try and keep this as short as possible!

I’m on a FTC, have been since February 2014. The contract is due to end in February 2016 and any extension is looking very unlikely due to the financial situation of the business. Add to that that by now I am completely miserable in my role anyway due to the fact the work is drying up so I’m very bored and out of a team of 9, there are now only 4 of us left, none of us really get on, two of us are only really in 1 day a week so it’s just my colleague and I the rest of the time and we really just don’t get on (something which I’ve never experienced before but it’s just getting worse and worse!)

I feel bored, demotivated, stressed and irritated all day long. It’s really starting to affect me now.

I have been applying for roles for a few months now and have had interviews, second interviews, but ultimately the roles have gone to someone ‘with a bit more experience’ etc.

The only bonus of my current role is that it’s quite well paid and I can live a reasonable lifestyle on it.

ANYWAY, now to the ‘dilemma’

I got approached by a recruitment agency a couple of weeks ago asking me if I’ve ever considered recruitment (I work loosely in recruitment now) I said no as I’m not into salesy type roles and also, the basic salaries are often so low and it’d be too much of a drop. She said that in their agency it’s more like account management than sales and if they could honour/match my current salary would I consider it.

Anyway, as nothing has come up with any of the other roles that I’ve applied for I agreed to meet this recruitment women last night for an informal chat/coffee.

We talked through the role, chatted for about an hour and she said at the end that she thinks I’d be really good for the role and if necessary, she would be willing to wait until my contract has ended in Feb so that I could start the role then if I didn’t want to hand my notice in sooner.

I’m really not sure if I would be good in a commercial recruitment role, I have no problem with recruitment, I’ve done it in my current job and have done it well, however it’s only a small part of my current role and we are not target driven/monitored.

She explained that I would be on a 6th month probation and that if I didn’t meet targets then yes, my employment would probably terminate. We talked through targets etc and she insisted that they are achievable. We also talked through commission and at present, their commission structure is pretty generous (uncapped)

I don’t really know what to do, part of me thinks maybe I should just go for it and take a chance, I could be good, I could earn lots of money and make a new ‘career’ for myself.

The other part of me thinks I’ll fail miserably and be sacked within 6 months or I’ll hate it and want to leave.

My CV is good, but unfortunately since graduating in 2009, I have had 4 jobs and have been with each company 18 months – 2 years. It looks like I’ve job hopped but I honestly haven’t. The first company after nearly 2 years announced they were moving their offices 25 miles away from where I lived- too much of a commute, I left. The second company I admit, after 18 months in an admin role I was bored and under challenged so left to go into my last job where I was made redundant after 18 months and now it looks like I’ll be made redundant from this position after 2 years.

If I then take this job and get sacked after 6 months then it’ll be yet ANOTHER position where I haven’t stayed for years and years. I’m worried I’ll be pretty unemployable!!!

At the same time, time is running out, I’m still frantically applying for roles but as it’s getting nearer Christmas the number of suitable, advertised roles are diminishing. I can’t see the market picking up again until February time. I have bills to pay. I could probably get temp work no problem if needed as I temped a lot for local agencies in the uni holidays so know them all fairly well but I’d need to earn at least £900 PM to pay all bills etc.

Feeling pretty stressed.

What are the chances of failing in this recruitment role? Are there any recruitment consultants out there that could give me any tips?

Petradreaming Wed 18-Nov-15 10:01:53

Its a love it or hate it role and depending on the specialism of the agency, it can be highly competitive. If you are sure you wouldn't want to work in sales then it would be a tough job... it is very sales orientated. However, the opportunity to earn is pretty good. I have worked in sales for over 20 years and love it... and I never thought I would. If its any consolation my first 4 jobs after university where of 12 - 18 months max tenure. I only really settled to long term when I got to my 30's.... never did me any harm :-)

bilbodog Wed 18-Nov-15 10:28:38

Sounds like a good opportunity - why don't you take it? You sound young and you have plenty of time to find the right fit - and you won't know if this is the one unless you go for it! Good luck.

FellOffMyUnicorn Wed 18-Nov-15 10:32:08

if you think about it as a contract role, rather than a perm role, then 6 months is good

you can try it out and if you dont like it. you;re not stuck there

Go ON!!! Go crazy try it, you might even love it (and if not,... no harm done)

Redskyatnight01 Wed 18-Nov-15 11:07:54

I guess I just worry that I won't be successful and they'll chop me and then I'll look unemployable on my CV/ job applications!

I wouldn't mind an account management type role with a sales element, I could cope with that, it's just how she was very open about the fact that you have targets to hit and after 6 months things WILL be reviewed if you haven't hit those targets.

It's taking a big leap of faith!!

Maybe I just need to go for it. I'll keep applying in the meantime, something else may come up. The thought of being able to earn good money is attractive and lucrative, but I don't want to back myself into a corner!

EssentialHummus Wed 18-Nov-15 11:34:52

I'd accept a Feb start and continue looking for other roles in the meantime. Realistically, the alternative is not accepting and continuing to look for other roles, which as you say you have no guarantee of finding. At least this way you know you have a job.

Millionprammiles Wed 18-Nov-15 11:43:21

Its better to have multiple jobs on your CV than periods of unemployment.

The days of 'jobs for life' are long gone. Noone expects very long periods with one employer anymore (and I'd argue it isn't necessarily a good thing to stay for years in one role anyway).

You can sell each move as a positive one, demonstrating your career focused, can handle a challenge and have acquired new skills along the way (many people would just stay in a safe, unchallenging role instead).

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