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to be annoyed that my Dc's school have banned me from taking photographs?

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TheColourMyrtle Tue 17-Nov-15 18:36:23

I was so humiliated today-

A bit of history- I have a degree in photography from donkeys years ago and over the past ten years I have been taking photos of all my dc and their classmates. This has never gone wrong- I have abided by all the correct practises and restrictions. The school have been delighted to have professional photos and I have never charged them a penny as Ive been so grateful for the access and permission. This has NEVER been a problem until now. A new parent who's child is in reception year didn't get any photos of her child (Its a lottery sometimes as to whether children have their photos taken or not- some do not cooperate some are too shy etc, some take a while to build up trust over the months) she made a snidey remark to another parent and I stood up to her.
This parent has made a complaint about me and as result I turn up today to photograph the children and am told I no longer have permission because a complaint has been made (by her)
I had to sit there the whole assembly whilst other parents filmed and snapped on their phones. WTAF.

I am fuming.

The school has a social media presence/website etc. I do all the class and individual photos too- gratis

Quite a few fellow parents are raging about it (of course, they didn't get their shots and made complaints to the school)

Thank you.

NC, apologies I should have said to begin with.

Scarletforya Tue 17-Nov-15 18:38:53

I'm confused, you're doing these photographs at your own expense?

Leelu6 Tue 17-Nov-15 18:40:13

YANBU. What was her complaint and why were you singled out?

Are you also banned from taking pics of your own DC?

Once this is sorted, I would never take photos of this woman's DC in principle.

TheColourMyrtle Tue 17-Nov-15 18:41:53

Scarlet the photos are all electronic- yes my time I do not charge.

One day I hope to develop a business but have been working so no time yet.

Sighing Tue 17-Nov-15 18:43:15

Why are you unable to take general snaps during assembly?
Why is the school allowing general pictures in assembly. It's quite usual to restrict parents to their own child only in school based pictures (it also stops some idiot blocking the view with a tablet or flashes going off).

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Tue 17-Nov-15 18:43:05

Ynbu. The children were in no danger. That mother complained because she thought her child had been left out, and I suppose you can see that. She was just acting irrationally. What's up with my child ect. Of course she's going to think that. If she sees the world and his wife on a picture but not her DC. It's only natural.
The school however are singing you out, IMO. When really you've done nothing wrong. I would book an appointment to speak to the HT.

TheColourMyrtle Tue 17-Nov-15 18:43:41

Leelu6 I was made to feel like I'd done something really wrong- sat their whilst 80% of parents snapped away on their phones and video cameras. I was told I wasn't allowed because I had a professional camera- WTAF?

TheColourMyrtle Tue 17-Nov-15 18:45:22

It was a special anniversary- a big deal 300 years.

The child has only been at school for 7 weeks. They cannot use all children on covers of prospectuses/websites/banners

Its LUCK mainly.

I'm so fuming- can you tell?

TheColourMyrtle Tue 17-Nov-15 18:46:45

Sighing- I have never used flash - never audible directed anyone (in a public setting)and I spend most of my time on the floor or behind the rows with a zoom lens. I have never been told I was in the way.

Sighing Tue 17-Nov-15 18:46:52

hmm you could fling yourself into a business now. Book a stall at the inevitable Christmas fair and charge parents to take portraits. All paid for, agreed with parental consent. It sounds as though the parents would be willing (you could even have an introductory rate mainly covering materials, overheads etc if you want a busy day).

BumWad Tue 17-Nov-15 18:47:26

Is this a reverse? I'm sure I read a thread not so long ago where a parent was complaining that their children weren't photographed because the photographer was rude. And that they were going to make a complaint...

TheColourMyrtle Tue 17-Nov-15 18:47:47

Sighing- God I LOVE that idea.

Sighing Tue 17-Nov-15 18:48:24

Sorry, i didn't suggest that! (I meant the other parents. I prefer school plays to church ones because of the constant flashing of cameras. Sigh).

Topseyt Tue 17-Nov-15 18:48:13

Easy to say, but I think snidey remarks are often best just ignored rather than stood up to.

If the other parents are making noises about wanting your photographs then maybe the school will reconsider, just excluding the child whose mother complained from them.

That might give her real cause for complaint.

Sighing Tue 17-Nov-15 18:49:11

That 's all disjointed. Anyway. Go for it! Kick start your business. Why not!

TheColourMyrtle Tue 17-Nov-15 18:49:35

BUMWAD- oh my god, define rude? I don't think I have ever been rude (whilst photographing)
The children at the school some of them I have known for seven years- all act up and pose like loonies. Camera goes down when this happens but nobody is ever chastised, nobody is ever told to go away.

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Tue 17-Nov-15 18:49:40

Tell us more about the 'standing up to her'? And are you sure she's the only person who's complained. I wouldn't go into school about it, but I might start getting a little annoyed if some parent thought they were David Bailey and hogged all the best places to take photographs.

RitaConnors Tue 17-Nov-15 18:50:05

There was a a parent who is the unofficial photographer at our school. He's great and will snap your dc in assembly if they win something and email it to you. We all appreciate it and I would be cross if someone put a stop to it.

BumWad Tue 17-Nov-15 18:51:41

I'm crap at searching OP but if you read the thread you would put 2 and 2 together and get 50 like me too smile

Somebody else will have read it surely

whois Tue 17-Nov-15 18:52:04

How strange that they stopped you be said of having 'a professional camera' on the basis of one complaint.

Make an appointment to discuss with the school.

Spidertracker Tue 17-Nov-15 18:56:25

Can you take photos with your phone/compact camera like everyone else If so I don't see why you are upset.
I would love to take my big camera and zoom lens to assembly and plays but it is too big and noisy and to be honest would make a scene. Its not the time or place for it in my opinion.

TheColourMyrtle Tue 17-Nov-15 18:57:50

Rita- you've nailed it.

The e mails I have had over the years from parents have been lovely and I've had too many boxes of chocs and bottles of wine to count!

Matilda- perhaps they do think I am a tosser wannabe Testino- funny how nobody complains when they're getting some lovely snaps of their children.

I was next to a friend who is a parent of a reception child and the mother was moaning about how there were only certain children in all the photos from an event just gone by (photos were on the website) and questioned why her dc wasn't in any (only a handful of R children made the photos) she even mentioned a child's name and said if X can get a photo on the website how has my kid not managed it? How could you not reply to that? Snarky cow.

I told her I was the photographer and she could look on the various social media channels and would see a large array and selection. She did a hmm face. I wanted to say more. I was silent.

wigglesrock Tue 17-Nov-15 18:59:18

What do you mean she made a snidey remark to someone and you stood up to her? Was she having a private conversation and you overheard? Did she say something infront of you not realising you were the photographer?

Bizzarely we had something quite similar at my dds primary a few years ago. A parent made a comment to a friend that thought the school photos were dreadful & who in Christs name chose the photographer? The said photographer was standing behind her and all hell broke loose. Tbh the photos were shite and the self appointed school photographer was a bit of a pain in the arse at events. The school took the same kind of decision that your school has taken.

TheColourMyrtle Tue 17-Nov-15 18:59:51

I will have to spider.
I'm upset because I feel like I have been singled out.

The other parents are missing out too as a result.

I will make an appointment to the school to try to find out the complaint in more detail.

TheColourMyrtle Tue 17-Nov-15 19:00:15

Yes Wriggles- she didn't know who I was we were standing with my friend who's child is in her dc's class.

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