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3 jobs in 6 months - really need advice

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MsRamone Mon 16-Nov-15 12:18:56

In september I started a new job which I do not like. So - I applied for two others. Both were the kind of work I wanted to do but one of them I particularly wanted as 1) the hours were perfect (8 - 5 weekdays, unusual for nursing!) and above all else it was permanent. The other had good hours compared to what I'm doing but it was temporary.

Anyway, I had an interview for the temporary one (12 month contract) and was successful - excellent! I handed my notice in and start my new job in two weeks.

However! today I have received an invitation for the other PERMANANT job I really wanted. If I was successful I wouldn't be able to start for another 3 months or so anyway as I have to give two months notice so that will be 3 months into a 12 month contract - is this really bad?

Obviously the permanant job is a much more stable option plus the hours were better AND Ive done a 12 week placement there already so feel like i know the basics of the job already.

So if I was to go for it this would be 3 jobs since September. AIBU to go for it anyway??

Also - the interview is on the first day of my new job. How the hell do I manage that one?!

wickedwaterwitch Mon 16-Nov-15 12:28:43

Tell your new job that you need to push the start date to a week later
Go for the interview
If yo get the perm one don't start at the 12 month contract
Most employers will understand that a perm job is much better than a contract, even a 12 month one so they're bound to lose people that way.

wickedwaterwitch Mon 16-Nov-15 12:30:05

Also, tell perm one that you have an offer but you prefer their job (assuming you do) and ask them could they give you an idea of when they'll be making a decision.

MsRamone Mon 16-Nov-15 12:41:35

I've actually signed the contract though, plus the job I have only does their induction once a month so there is no way to postpone the start date - also, I couldn't afford to be out of work through December.

RB68 Mon 16-Nov-15 12:51:53

well in this instance its bad timing but you have to think of no 1 which is yourself. Double check the contract to make sure for the first month or two months its not only a weeks notice, then just go with the flow - there is no guarantee of job 3 and at the end of the day you need permanent and the NHS will have to cope with it same as any employer

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