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To think it is so difficult to eat healthy?

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Backtonature Sun 15-Nov-15 10:14:33

I have been trying to eat healthy since leaving home 7 years ago, but I am finding it impossible.

For example when living at home I used to eat for breakfast coco pops with full fat milk, white toast with butter and a cup of hot Blackcurrant squash. That was my breaskast from a toddler up until the age of 25!! when left home I started to eat 2 slices of wholemeal toast with sunflower spread and a glass of pure apple juice. About a year ago I discovered bread was "bad" and the same with juice. So I changed to porridge with raisins and a herbal tea. Now apparently raisins have bad sugar and cows milk is not great. So am now eating porridge with soya milk and fresh berries. Now hsve seen porridge is not great as it is not natural for humans. Dame with soya milk it's not a natural product. Do I have to eat veg for breakfast to be healthy????

Brocklady Sun 15-Nov-15 10:16:44

Some days you just need coco pops smile

We were never allowed them as children. I'm sure that's why they are my comfort breakfast now!

Cat2014 Sun 15-Nov-15 10:16:50

Porridge is very good for you smile
But yes, it is hard to get it right because so many foods have 'good' and 'bad' elements - eg raisins yes they are bad for your teeth but they also contain iron, fibre, vitamins. Everything in moderation and a varied diet I say!

StealthPolarBear Sun 15-Nov-15 10:17:00

No. Bread is not bad. Coco pops not brilliant!
Banana on toast? Egg on toast?

ghostyslovesheep Sun 15-Nov-15 10:17:05

blimey - why are you taking all this stuff to heart? Balance is healthy - reading every single 'food is bad' scare and acting on it is overkill!

MaudGonneMad Sun 15-Nov-15 10:17:21

Why are you so concerned with eating 'healthy'? Do you have health/weight issues? You sound a bit anxious.

Porridge is fine, btw. So is cows milk unless you are intolerant. So is apple juice. Everything in moderation.

ProfessorPickles Sun 15-Nov-15 10:18:47

Place marking to see what others say, but I do agree with you. It feels a lot of the time I make a big effort to eat 'healthily' then it turns out everything I was eating is bad for you, apparently anyway.
It's a bit soul destroying, for me anyway, as I have an eating disorder and find it difficult to eat certain things at the best of times!
I understand your frustration OP

Pointlessfan Sun 15-Nov-15 10:19:12

I've only ever heard good things about porridge and it's definitely better than coco pops!
Most food is good in moderation.

goodnessgraciousgoudaoriginal Sun 15-Nov-15 10:20:39

I'm sorry, I know how pedantic this is, but it one of my absolute number one pet hates.

Food is HEALTHY.


You don't eat HEALTHY.

It's one of those horrendous bastardisations from the US.

It really isn't difficult to eat healthily though. You just have to apply a bit of common sense to it, and not take every diet fad going to heart. There's nothing wrong with porridge oats. There's NOTHING wrong with carbohydrates - a healthy diet should consist of 70% carbohydrates (in the form of good foods, not chips obviously).

Humans have been drinking cows milk for MILLENNIA.

There's nothing wrong with raisins. They're just dried grapes for fucks sake. Yes, they will have a fairly high sugar content, but as long as you aren't eating an entire bag at once it's really fine.

IndomitabIe Sun 15-Nov-15 10:21:04

No such thing as "good" or "bad" food. Everything in moderation, how "bad" something is depends on your priorities and the quantity and frequency with which its consumed.

So coco pops, occasionally, are fine. Bread is actually fine unless you have a medically diagnosed reason not to eat it, same for milk. We could all do with eating less sugar, but I wouldn't brand it as the demon that has become fashionable at present.

Stop worrying, enjoy food.

Savagebeauty Sun 15-Nov-15 10:21:38

I have porridge oats every morning with skimmed milk.
Occasionally bran flakes and a banana or poached eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Whoknewitcouldbeso Sun 15-Nov-15 10:21:51

I think you should eat a balanced diet. Make sure you get some proteins for breakfast and it will keep you satiated until lunch. Try not to worry too much about what the news article is for the day.

Oysterbabe Sun 15-Nov-15 10:24:33

Butter is much better for you than sunflower spread BTW.

MaudGonneMad Sun 15-Nov-15 10:24:53

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Stanky Sun 15-Nov-15 10:26:38

If we took too much notice of all the articles that say that foods are bad, I don't think that we would eat at all. Just try to eat fruit and veg most of the time, and a little bit of anything else you fancy. Moderation is the key.

GoneAndDone Sun 15-Nov-15 10:29:39

What do you mean by porridge is not natural for humans?!

But YABU, it is not difficult to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Backtonature Sun 15-Nov-15 10:30:27

professorpickles Yes that's how I feel, I've made such an effort to be healthy yet there is always something in the news saying it's bad! Latest thing is a ham sandwich, that's bad now, before it was cheese! Maybe I do over think food but I dont have a very good starting point. My mum never gave me fruit! Ever! I was most bought up on bread! Toast for breakfast with coco pops, marmite sandwich crisps and a penguin for lunch, toast after school, meat and two veg and a chocolate mousse for dinner, toast for supper. And if I was ever hungry I'm between bread and butter!!!! I have managed to get down to 4 slices of wholemeal a day now but it was a struggle after being fed about 12 slices of white bread a day for my childhood and teenage years, and young adult as that was all I had known.... Hungry? Eat bread my mother always said to me ( or another penguin!!) strange thing was my mother has an eating disorder. I hope it's not rubbed off on me as I think I have started to over think food. She still makes strange comments about food now. I get cross with her as she sometimes says in front of the dc "grandma doesn't each much"

TelephoneIgnoringMachine Sun 15-Nov-15 10:31:39

Try not to worry about it so much. Generally, to get a healthy balanced diet, you need proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibre. A range of fruit & vegetables will give you a good spread of vitamins & minerals, & lots of soluble fibre. Protein can be found in a lot of foods - meat (preferably not too much fat), nuts & seeds, beans & pulses, grains, eggs, cheese, best to eat a range of proteins. Wholegrain carbohydrates, so brown pasta, rice, wholemeal bread, quinoa etc. Healthy raw fats from nuts, seeds, avocadoes, coconuts (basically vegetables). Avoid processed food as much as possible - eat food that looks like it did when it grew, not something from a factory. Don't eat too much refined sugar. Eat some raw food every day - salad in your sandwich, a couple of pieces of fruit, for example.

Porridge is fine. I like the coarse rolled oats personally. Oats are good for keeping your bad cholesterol at a low level. Cow's milk is more natural than soy milk, bit there are other non-dairy milks, eg oat, rice, that can be used in cooking.

Savagebeauty Sun 15-Nov-15 10:33:21

Cheese is bad for you? sad
Moderation is the key...I love butter. Would never eat margerine. And rather one piece of lovely thick granary bread than half a dozen pappy white slices.

Backtonature Sun 15-Nov-15 10:33:30

telephoneignoringmachine thanks that is really helpful advice.

Backtonature Sun 15-Nov-15 10:34:51

Do I guess it's all about everything in moderation? And following the eat well plate? That's what I had tried to follow since I left home but I keep seeing articles about clean eating on Facebook and have started to think I have got this healthy eating wrong?

Oysterbabe Sun 15-Nov-15 10:34:56

Cheese is not bad for you.
That's a hangover from the low fat is best days which has been debunked.

Backtonature Sun 15-Nov-15 10:35:20

So not do! Stupid phone.

AnUtterIdiot Sun 15-Nov-15 10:40:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Preciousxbane Sun 15-Nov-15 10:42:36

Nothing is especially bad it's just how much you eat and how often. Coco pops are not virtuous food but if you eat them once a week then what does it matter.

The only thing I avoid is sweetener, I know nothing is proven yet but I know a food scientist who says it just hasn't been around long enough to know the effects and it is totally unnatural. He eats butter and avoids soybean and sunflower oil because they have high amounts of linoleic acid in them.

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