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To think JK should be raked over the coals for this ( triggering D & V content)

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StanSmithsChin Fri 13-Nov-15 14:09:28

This letter of complaint was brought to my attention today.

As I rule I do not watch Jeremy Kyle as I find the man vile however his treatment of this women was disgusting and I think his show should be axed.
The author urges anyone else who feel as strongly as she does to complain to ITV, I will be sending my e-mail today.

Link to the show. However it is not all of it. The full show can be found on ITV player if you subscribe it is the 12\11\15 show.

ValiantMouse Fri 13-Nov-15 14:14:03

I can't stand him and hate this kind of show anyway. Hateful man who seems to get off on screaming at people.

NickiFury Fri 13-Nov-15 14:18:08

I've often thought this when watching it. There's no recognition whatsoever of the abuse that many of the women on that programme have suffered to get them to the point they're at when old fuck face (JK) decides to step in. You have to be pretty thick and/or despise women (probs a mix of both) not to have any awareness of and take into account the statistics on domestic abuse when tackling issues like this. He has no business poking his pointy nasty nose into other people's painful history, especially given he is so deeply misogynistic that no woman can hope for a fair hearing from him.

Birdsgottafly Fri 13-Nov-15 14:22:06

I've got no respect for Graham because he sits there and let's JK persuade Woman that being Emotionally Abused is a normal way to live, if you live with a man.

His attacks and treatment of some very vulnerable people are disgusting,

He thinks by throwing in the odd show about very disabled children, or the bereaved, validates him.

StanSmithsChin Fri 13-Nov-15 14:22:55

I have just contacted ITV and made a complaint. I will also contact OFFCOM and voice my concerns to them.

Seriouslyffs Fri 13-Nov-15 14:27:33

Oh that's horrible. I watched some of your clip thinking it would be more nuanced, but the victim blaming website you linked too sums it up well. What a vile man.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 13-Nov-15 14:30:43

JK in general is a vile, vile man. The whole idea of the show is reprehensible - get some people up on stage who have some sort of issue, with a promise of "help", for the entertainment and amusement of a baying audience.

Our society has become pretty shitty when shows like JK are seen as light entertainment.

Rant over blush

wannaBe Fri 13-Nov-15 14:30:56

I despise jeremy kyle and everything he stands for but I am not of the school of thought which thinks that making a complaint about something you didn't actually watch is the right way to go either.

The reason why Jeremy Kyle continues to exist is because people watch his show. Even to the point of saying "oh, I detest his show but I saw this episode/I have it on in the background but don't really watch it, honest," if people detest that much what jeremy kyle stands for then don't watch it. To watch it just to be able to opinionate on how vile he is is completely disingenuous.

If the viewers dropped so would the show, but there are far too many people out there who actually enjoy watching it to be able to say they hate it. Bollocks they do, they're the same people who link to the daily mail while claiming they don't actually read it.

PeasinPod1 Fri 13-Nov-15 14:34:21

Also utterly disgusted. This is a frail, shaken woman. The worst is when he barks a question at her, she tries to answer, and every time he interrupts her within a few seconds. She doesn't even get a chance. Awful.

FickleByNurture Fri 13-Nov-15 14:39:03

Honestly thought JK Rowling had said something for a minute there.

AdjustableWench Fri 13-Nov-15 14:45:51

I used to watch Jeremy Kyle when I worked at home - I had the TV on in the background. But I had to stop watching after a few weeks for exactly the same reason. His attitude towards women - especially vulnerable women - is sickening. It's barefaced misogyny masquerading as entertainment. Revolting.

NicoleWatterson Fri 13-Nov-15 14:47:03

Poor lady. He completely forgets, it was a different time with little support to get out. She had barely a choice between her child or husband.
What an awful man.

Garlick Fri 13-Nov-15 14:48:17

I had to stop watching after about 30 seconds of Kyle verbally abusing the older woman. I have read the description you linked to.

I am appalled. I've seen Kyle being quite kind to women sometimes - I rarely watch his show - but now I suspect he is kinder to women he deems attractive and/or charming.

An older, abused, woman perhaps isn't worth consideration in his eyes.

He should apologise fully for this, both publicly and personally to Sarah.

Anastasie Fri 13-Nov-15 14:49:43

he isa total cunt. I never watch it, this was shocking even though I had heard he was bad.

poor woman. I couldn't take it, only watched a bit.

StanSmithsChin Fri 13-Nov-15 14:52:57

OFFCOM were really helpful. They are requesting the footage from ITV under the category of the show causing harm to the women on the show and also potential harm to viewers who watched the show relating to those who may be in a D & V relationship but now feel tey are to blame due to JK'S responses.

Anastasie Fri 13-Nov-15 14:55:26

Oh good. If this is how he normally runs his show then I cannot understand how it is allowed on air.

CwtchMeQuick Fri 13-Nov-15 14:56:06

What a horrible man. He obviously has no grasp of domestic violence or how it effects people.
I hate his show and everything he stands for and I'm really surprised that itv would want to associate themselves with the messages he's sending out confused

Anastasie Fri 13-Nov-15 14:58:15

How can people watch it though, at all? How can they?

It's like sitting in a pub with a fight going on over your head and doing nothing about it.

Are some people that innured to abuse that they can listen to this man treating his guests like this without it being physically painful?

he's an absolute bastard isn't he?

ginmakesitallok Fri 13-Nov-15 15:08:11

He is a hideous excuse for a human being. That poor poor woman. No doubt she was invited onto the show thinking she was going to be reunited with her daughter and instead was met with that bastard. He should be ashamed of himself and taken off the air.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Fri 13-Nov-15 15:08:34

What a bastard.

stopfuckingshoutingatme Fri 13-Nov-15 15:10:15

whoa this is so awful to watch

harrowing victim blaming "I had nothing and nobody"

fucking cunt Jeremy - PAINFUL

stopfuckingshoutingatme Fri 13-Nov-15 15:11:40


stopfuckingshoutingatme Fri 13-Nov-15 15:12:15

to complain, opps sort for shouting

I actually cant watch this

Alfieisnoisy Fri 13-Nov-15 15:12:28

I saw this, yes he was utterly appalling. His comments were dreadful. He has no idea how trapped she may have been in that relationship at that time.

His comments just showed how utterly out of touch he is with the impact DV can have on women.

ginmakesitallok Fri 13-Nov-15 15:16:41

Email sent.

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