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To follow the road signs?

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WoodHeaven Wed 11-Nov-15 16:53:06

There is road near by which can get very busy. A stretch of dual carriageway that ends up with a roundabout.
The road sign AND the markings on the road show you can use both lanes to go straight across.
AIBU to use that second lane??

The layout of the roundabout has recently been modified. It used to be that only the left hand lane could go straight across. The right lane was only to go right.
People used (and still do) turn right at the roundabout, go through the estate to come ou at the following roundabout. They avoided the long queue to go straight ahead.
The new layout means that just after the roundabout, we now have two lanes for a short bit, the intention is clearly that you will then use the zipper effect to reduce congestion.
However most people continue to drive as if only the left hand lane was to be used to go straight ahead, hence the still very long queue there

OurBlanche Wed 11-Nov-15 17:04:01

We lovingly take full advantage of a recent, similar change round here.

Locals get in lane and rive all round the city in that lane, until the get to 'their turning'. This means that the outside lane of every dual carriageway is full of slow moving cars that are 'about to turn right' in 4 or 5 miles - at least now I can sneakily 'undertake' them at the roundabout smile

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