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to pay £1.65 for 1 4x6 photo at an independent photo shop

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Macey78 Wed 11-Nov-15 14:40:29

Dd has a project at school. She has to take in a picture. Instead of going to boots where printing, one photo would cost 35p I thought why not start supporting the local independent photographic shop. They have the same diy print machines as boots but I forgot the cable so whilst there emailed the picture to them. Admittedly I did not have to press any buttons or do anything as the assistant in the shop did but £1.65 I was taken aback! I thought I would pay more but that seems a bit steep. I wasn't brave enough to say anything paid and scuttled out.

Helgathehairy Wed 11-Nov-15 15:51:24

That is crazy expensive, I pay .19c at my local non-independent

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