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May I kill him?

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Canyouforgiveher Wed 11-Nov-15 01:41:19

We have an open plan downstairs. Not a small house. I am sitting in the front of the front living room and he the back of the house and I can hear every loud chomp of every crisp he is eating. Jesus how can any human being make so much noise

ChiefInspectorBarnaby Wed 11-Nov-15 01:51:36

Can't stand hearing people eat it makes me rage. YANBU!

BusyCee Wed 11-Nov-15 02:09:22

You may. Not a court in the land Lloyd convict

BusyCee Wed 11-Nov-15 02:10:04

Would convict. Bastard auto correct

Marcipex Wed 11-Nov-15 02:11:29

The thing to do is eat something louder. Celery is the noisiest food, followed by Kettle chips.

Wagglebees Wed 11-Nov-15 02:15:57

Yes. Do it before he's finished the packet so you can eat the rest of them.

ChiefInspectorBarnaby Wed 11-Nov-15 02:23:25

I bet he's finished the crisps now. If he starts breathing loudly then LTB.

Senpai Wed 11-Nov-15 03:10:12

Just make sure to clear your browsing history afterwards so the authorities can't prove intent with this thread. wink

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