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To think he should have just put it the fuck away!

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ClangerOnaComeDown Mon 09-Nov-15 19:13:45

Dp is getting on my tits atm!

He uses things and then leaves them out in random places. They obviously get moved by others in the house doing normal day to day things and then he gets in a grump because he can't find his dumped items.

Today it is a letter he filled out over the weekend, which he can't even remember where it left it. Now he is grumping about because he can't find it. If he filed it with the other out goings, or in the letter rack or even in the dump drawer we wouldn't have this problem.

He has just come into the kitchen asking if I took the letter to work with me and wanting me to check my bag? Because of course I love grabbing random letters to stuff in my handbag. hmm

I know it's just something small but I'm not in the mood for it today.

Just. Put. The. Damn. Item. Away!

Lostcat2 Mon 09-Nov-15 19:16:51

Feel your pain op.

My dh never puts anything back in the right place or even a sensible place so drill in the kitchen drawer then accuses me of moving it.

Good job I quite like him or I would kill him.

ClangerOnaComeDown Mon 09-Nov-15 19:23:39

Cripes I could cheerfully strangle him today! I love the disorganized sod, but come on!

Sorting out our dinner earlier and he comes in with all the best intentions to give a hand but...asked to whisk the eggs in the mixing bowl - he does them in a breakfast bowl.

Ask him to griddle the chicken - after a faff it's being griddled but then he wanders off to sort out the speakers for some music. To return 10 minutes later asking why i didn't leave it for him. It would be dry as a bone!

Ask him to peel three cloves of garlic, well I get three cloves of garlic nicely lined up but with their peel still on. It's really a facepalm evening.

The wine has been poured and he has been kicked out of the kicken before I loose my wooden spoon in an orifice!

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