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to ask you to explain to me the big deal about victorias secret

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lovelyconverse123 Mon 09-Nov-15 15:40:21

(apparently) hugely anticipated shows & the aspirations of so many females to win (what is perceived to be in some circles) the ultimate crown of being an angel ????

PUKE at the hollowness of it all.

passmethewineplease Mon 09-Nov-15 15:41:06

YANBU I don't get it either. hmm

juicynectarines Mon 09-Nov-15 15:42:08

Neither do I. The underwear for sale isn't even very size - very cheaply made. Even if I had an unlimited budget I wouldn't buy their stuff hmm

juicynectarines Mon 09-Nov-15 15:42:57

Sorry typo - very NICE not very size blush

wasonthelist Mon 09-Nov-15 15:44:13

Everyone in the US thinks I know all about VS cos I am a Brit, but last I knew it was very small time here compared with there.

NinaSimoneful Mon 09-Nov-15 15:47:58

Beats the crap out of me. I don't even 'get' fashion when it's clothes, nevermind undies.

squoosh Mon 09-Nov-15 15:51:09

No idea. They're just cheapo knickers.

It's all so........ Miss World 1976. Bleurgh.

honeyroar Mon 09-Nov-15 15:51:39

It's cheap nasty underwear. I've never seen anything I'd want. But it's a company with a great PR dept who have created this huge angels on their catwalk shows event with " the most beautiful" women modelling it. A lot of fuss over nothing. But it's always a big, busy shop in the USA so it obviously works!

BolshierAryaStark Mon 09-Nov-15 15:53:57

Don't like the underwear at all-would quite like a pair of the angel wings though blush

cabbageleaf Mon 09-Nov-15 15:56:44

Good question! I think it's fascinating how they've built up a reputation for producing covetable underwear, their marketing strategy is fabulous. Perfect example of what advertising can achieve for the perception of a mediocre product. I suppose the gorgeous models in underwear played a major part in creating their success!

wtfisgoingonhere Mon 09-Nov-15 16:00:31

I didn't "get it" until I bought some of their knickers . . . I'm converted, and absolutely love them

Don't get the big deal about the modelling side though, and they don't do bras to fit me either sad

Epilepsyhelp Mon 09-Nov-15 16:04:14

As a desperate last ditch attempt to save my wedding dress after losing weight I bought a bra from them that was sent from America; flipping amazing.

Don't get the Angel stuff though, not exactly aspirational stuff wandering down a catwalk in your pants.

troubleatmillcock Mon 09-Nov-15 16:04:57

Just skinny teens in their undies.

Unless you're a size 0 and 14 years old you can forget VS.

Seriouslyffs Mon 09-Nov-15 16:06:27

They do a big range. DDs wear skanky pants from there and I get nice biggish cotton ones. Their bras are great and padded thick- so no scratchiness.

TriJo Mon 09-Nov-15 16:09:47

They don't make my size in bras, therefore I won't give them a penny for anything else. It's that simple really.

iwantbrewstersmillions Mon 09-Nov-15 16:13:54

Don't care about the Angels but their bras are amazing.

Only ones I wear.

I also have one of their bras that adds two cup sizes which is quite funny as they look fake but used to fun for my clubbing days ;)

Lostcat2 Mon 09-Nov-15 16:17:10

Completely agree op.

To be honest my prettiest smd cheapest undies come from

Find VC very overpriced.

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 09-Nov-15 16:17:54

You can't date whatshisname from Maroon 5 unless you've been one. Although I wouldn't touch him with someone else's barge-pole.

cth1982 Mon 09-Nov-15 16:26:26

their big cotton knickers are fantastic and the odd bra is good but never buy full price!

AdoraBell Mon 09-Nov-15 16:30:08

Wasonthelist years ago I bought some underwear from them while on holiday. The assistant told me they sell loads because they say they are a British company, but they aren't really. That might explain why people assume you know all about the company.

I think she felt it was safe to tell me as it was in a tourist area, so I wasn't going to be telling anyone who would matter.

OfaFrenchmind2 Mon 09-Nov-15 16:33:42

I love the bras: good size system for a good price, and very comfortable.
I like to see the show, it's just very pretty, and the jewellery fantasy bras are beautiful to look at, nothing more to it.

Enjolrass Mon 09-Nov-15 16:38:04

I actually love VS.

I am neither a teenager or a size 0.

Their pants are comfy and wash really well and their sports bras are the comfiest I have ever worn.

I wear sports bras all day so have tried most brands.

I do not get the excitement over the shows nor I have ever watched one.

I usually stock up at an outlet if we are in the US, much cheaper.

InMySpareTime Mon 09-Nov-15 17:11:24

They still use the outdated "add inches to the band" method of bra sizing, so their bras (as fitted by them) don't even slightly fit. They don't even fit the models!
DD and I usually comment on the ill-fitting bras in the posters, the way you can see light under the band through the cleavage on them because the band is far too big and the cups are far too small. If you want a bra that's two cup sizes bigger, your best bet is to get fitted at the likes of Bravissimo or John Lewis.

TheLuckDragon Mon 09-Nov-15 17:15:28

I don't get the fuss with the models but their bras are amazing and the only ones I will wear. They are the only bras that make my boobs touch!

RJnomaaaaaargh Mon 09-Nov-15 17:16:02

Where do you buy them in the UK? My dad would love some but postage was about £50

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