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To ask if this sounds like excessive anxiety, and if so how do I deal with it?

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mummyrunnerbean Mon 09-Nov-15 12:24:47

I think this is probably not right, but has sort of crept up on me so I think I need some outside perspectives:

Basically, every time dh drives me I spend the entire trip squeaking in terror unless I'm constantly distracted. I'm forever asking him to slow down, wincing because I feel like we're going to hit the curb, things like that. I decide to control it at the start of a trip but before long it just takes over. I imagine it's very irritating - certainly it would drive me batty if he did it while I drove.

It started while I was pregnant - DS is now 15 months and while sometimes it's better than others it never properly goes. DH is actually a pretty good driver. He's in the police and has done the advanced driving course for blue lights. He doesn't speed more than most people do - as in he might occasionally do nearly 70 to keep up with traffic on a duel carriageway marked 60.

When I'm driving I feel fine, and go much faster than I'm comfortable with him going - but when I'm in the passenger seat I'm just a bundle of nerves, even though I know it's ludicrous. Does it sounds like I might have anxiety? And is there anything I can do before DH murders me for being the most irritating backseat driver ever?

JeffsanArsehole Mon 09-Nov-15 12:30:23

No, it sounds like you're a control freak like me grin

It's very difficult for some to not be in control of events and I can't bear being driven by other people.

Yes, it makes it shit for the driver. No, I'm not going to change and instead I just drive myself as much as possible. I'm very apologetic to poor dh, his driving is fine.

TheHouseOnTheLane Mon 09-Nov-15 12:31:46

Anxiety would affect more aspects of your life OP. I've been the same since having children. I am always telling DH off.

MaidOfStars Mon 09-Nov-15 12:32:48

I'm the same. Husband gets very annoyed.

I'm not even a cautious driver myself. He's far more careful. I just secretly believe I'm better hmm

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