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to ask you for Motivation

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ghostspirit Sun 08-Nov-15 18:19:18

i need to loose some weight/ eat better but i have no Motivation or will power. someone stole it. anyway my bmi is 32 and i need to sort it out.

i constantly eat shit and find it hard to give up.

today i have eaten. 3 bags of crisps. 2 ice creams. chinese seasoned chicken with plain rice. thats a good day.

i can be the above plus 3 choc bars and 2 litres of fizzy on top.

i know i need to stop eating so much crap but i have no motivation to do it...

if i hear/think how unhealthy it is it wooshes over my head and i find it boring... i did loose over 3 stone... along time ago now and i had much more energy for my kids and done more things with them and had more get up and go... but im just finding it hard to keep focused on it...

one thing that helped before where i was drinking loads of fizzy. the person said drink your 1.5 litre of water a day once you have had that then have your fizzy drink. but you will find you dont want it... and she was right.

anotherbloomingusername Sun 08-Nov-15 18:53:08

Yep, that's definitely good advice about the water.

I know what you mean about needing motivation. Until you get started, it all seems impossible. But there are loads of different threads in the weight loss section full of people who started just where you are. It can totally be done.

Are there any foods you like that are healthy? Especially any fruits or veg? I do a similar swap to what you do with the fizzy drinks. Yeah, ok, I can have some chocolate, but I need to finish this apple first. Then I'll see if I still want it. Also, even though it's not as cheap, I'll buy prepared salads and veg so that I can just grab it and eat. If I have to make it as well, I'll lose interest and go grab something crap to eat instead.

Once you have some decent nutrition in you, there'll be more energy to get you motivated. Good luck, and start with baby steps if you need to.

ghostspirit Sun 08-Nov-15 19:06:32

yeah i think its habbit to... i drop kids school and get my so called breakfast from the shop. i live to close to the shop. i need to live in a filed. probably help if i eat 3 meals a day as well... i pick on crap all day and then eat dinner then pick most of the evening.

so yeah heathy crab food might be good to. but i also dont want to go to the other extreme because i think i might just end up giving up. although i think i should lay of the choc. because i cant eat 2 squares it ends up being 20. anyway hopefully i will find away because im really not happy with myself

Candleabras Sun 08-Nov-15 19:10:01

Can you book yourself a holiday maybe for next year. Nothing like a looming hol for giving me motivation, especially if I want to wear a bikini!

ghostspirit Sun 08-Nov-15 19:19:56

candle pregnant so wont be getting in a bikini...and aww my stretch marks yuk yuk haha. when ever im preg i always loose weight dont know why. but this time i have started of heaver than when i was preg. so im not looking to proper diet as such. but i do want to get my bmi down at least a bit. i thought if i eat better i will automatically loose a bit anyway. im only 12 weeks so not like 40 weeks and trying to loose weight. i lost stone and half last pregnancy than ate like a pig... gosh im a prat

WheresMyBurrito Sun 08-Nov-15 19:36:57

Why do you want to change, OP? That can be a useful starting point in finding your motivation.

HackerFucker22 Sun 08-Nov-15 19:43:28

I'd ask your Dr / MW.

Losing weight when pregnant is often not recommended.

Although I'd definitely say you need to cut the crap out for the sake of the baby!!

ghostspirit Sun 08-Nov-15 19:43:34

because i want to have more energy for the kids... and feel better in myself

Candleabras Wed 11-Nov-15 08:47:22

a good brisk walk every day would be good for you. if you can walk somewhere green it helps lift the mood, and if you walk fast enough it will be good proper exercise.

if you don't have a dog borrow one or volunteer for your local dogs home.

jazzandh Wed 11-Nov-15 08:54:52

Don't take money out with you to buy junk in the shop.

Meal you know what and when you are having something to eat....if you can - eat something before you take the children to school - a quick bowl of shredded what will fill you up enough to stop wanting to eat the quick fix food.

Sighing Wed 11-Nov-15 09:36:13

Use your pregnancy as a kick start for your motivation?: think of the fuel making your baby, make sure every day (even every meal to put off crap food) has a bit of iron, calcium and plenty of vitamin C, lean proteins. Starting the day with a poached egg or milky porridge.
If you print out something to aim to eat everyday (1 apple or pear, 1 portion of spinach, a yoghurt) tick them off, until it becomes habit. Ignore counting calories focus on starting the day well, then extending that into lunch and evening meal.

SaucyJack Wed 11-Nov-15 10:28:15

Just don't keep tons of junk food in the house.

If I had a cupboard full of crisps and chocolate, then I would gleefully eat 27 packets of crisps for dinner.

So I don't buy multipacks. If we want the occasional bag of crisps/choc bar then I buy us one each.

It can be that simple.

Zippidydoodah Wed 11-Nov-15 10:33:11

I've just joined slimming world. It's easy to follow as you can eat tons of food! I seriously lack motivation, too will think nothing of eating a jar of Nutella with a spoon but joining thd group has given me the kick up the bum I needed.

Obviously it's £5/week and you have to try and get to classes. However, there's enough on the Internet for you to just be able to follow the diet yourself, without attending classes.

Leavingsosoon Wed 11-Nov-15 10:35:11

I just can't when pregnant ghost.

Do whatever you need to do and then look at losing weight when the baby's born is my advice.

TurnWifiOn Wed 11-Nov-15 10:36:09

Meal plan, internet shop.

Eat lots of things like fruit and fat free yoghurt and drink gallons of water to stop you bingeing.

Go to GP and ask for Slimming World access?

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