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to think that you can park on a single yellow on sunday in golders green?

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tropicalfish Sun 08-Nov-15 17:59:02

without getting a ticket.
my dh went to golders green today and parked on a single yellow. On the road Golders Green crescent he said there were no signs about parking rules and thought it was ok. When he came back he had a parking ticket on the windscreen.
Has anyone objected to parking fine as there were no signs in Golders green? I saw on the internet that legally there should be signs every 60m.
Is it worth objecting?
many thanks

JeffsanArsehole Sun 08-Nov-15 18:01:55

Yes, you can definitely appeal if there are no signs (and you should)

There are signs though, I park there a lot. If there's a stretch with no signs you should definitely appeal.

Most of the time you can park on single yellow lines after 6/6.30 but not always weekends.

hibbleddible Sun 08-Nov-15 18:04:04

He should have looked further for signs, not just have assumed it would be OK, but it is worth appealing. Often tickets are repealed on technicalities (such as not enough photos taken etc). There is a good website for template letters.

tropicalfish Sun 08-Nov-15 18:17:43

after he got the ticket he walked up and down the road and still could not see any signs. I have looked on google earth and I havent found any signs either (so far anyway) There are signs explaining about residents parking bays and double yellows but none for single yellow.

MaliaGrace Sun 08-Nov-15 18:29:07

There is no legal requirement for the Council to place signs on yellow lines (single) if the restricted hours are the same as those within the controlled parking zone - CPZ - so you're incorrect.

The only time that this will change is when the restricted hours for that line differ to those of the CPZ. There will then be a sign in place.

You need to first establish whether or not the road was in a controlled parking zone. If it was, and your second post suggests that it was then the above would apply.

For some reason many people assume that it's ok to park on yellow lines on sundays - this hasn't been the case in London as a 'rule' for years.

tropicalfish Sun 08-Nov-15 18:29:59

I found this on a website called fixmystreet. It effectively says the whole of golders green is a controlled parking zone which means they dont have to provide signage, apart from entry into the area.
Their website is unavailable to make an appeal!
The yellow line you mention is part of the Golders Green Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). The hours of restriction are from 8:00am – 6:30pm Monday – Saturday and Sunday 9:30am – 6:30pm and this restriction is displayed on the zone entry plates as you enter the Golders Green CPZ. There is no need for additional signs for yellow lines within a CPZ as all the yellow lines are restricted as per the operational hours of the CPZ. The Golders Green CPZ is sufficiently signposted and marked out in accordance with the Traffic Management Act 2004 and the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002. I note your comments on motorists being penalised in the area of Hoop Lane and there being a requirement for more timeplates and relevant signage. As stated above there are signs with the hours of restriction at each entry point to the CPZ. It is the driver’s responsibility to check and comply with the restrictions prior to leaving their vehicle.

MaliaGrace Sun 08-Nov-15 18:32:39

I must admit I would pay it. It's clearly up to you but it appears that the Penalty was correctly issued as the vehicle was parked illegally. If you appeal then I would suggest doing so within 14 days.

The above info in my post and the info you've found on-line is the same across the whole of the UK. It's nothing new.

tropicalfish Sun 08-Nov-15 19:17:25

of course it will be paid if needs be but is it really unreasonable to expect one sign up on the street saying what the parking restrictions are regardless of whether it is in a zone of controlled parking. We didnt know the area and were not aware there was this issue, of course we wouldnt have parked there if we had known.

tropicalfish Sun 08-Nov-15 19:18:47

you drive into a street not being aware even of there being a controlled parking zone.

Chukaas Sun 08-Apr-18 21:08:35

Hi tropicalfish

I've had the misfortune today of receiving a ticket in the same spot. I agree without knowing the area is a CPZ how is one supposed to know. I've also been brought up to learn that there should be a sign on the side of the road you are parking on. I guess I shouldn't have made the assumption that just because there wasn't a sign and wrongly assumed that a Sunday it was alright.

Could I ask what happened with your ticket. Did you appeal? What was your argument and what was the council's response?


ForalltheSaints Sun 08-Apr-18 21:12:45

Unless the sign with the hours concerned has been removed I would not hold out much hope. Though worth trying an appeal.

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