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Should I complain officially about recent doctor appointment

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lolaflores Sun 08-Nov-15 13:48:06

To put this in context, am in the US. Experiencing sciatica, made an appointment to see an othropaedics doctor. I had surgery on two discs around 4 years ago am worried that something may be up down there again.
Had an xray. put in room to wait for doctor. 20 minutes later a secretary comes in and announces the doctor told her to tell me that as she was not a surgeon she couldn't help but would only say the xray showed "post operative changes" and that would be that really. She then made an appointment for me to go see spinal clinic. I rubbed my chin for a minute and asked "SO, she isn't going to explain what she means or even speak to me".
"Would you like ot speak to her?"
"Yes. I think I would"
20 minutes later she comes in. PUts up the xray then goes;
"Oh, your hip looks a bit odd. BUt, I am not a surgeon.
"You are an orthopaedics MD though? YOu could kind of assure me that nothing too drastic has happened, explain your decision, face to face."
In the end she prescribed me topical cream, got me a physio appointment to tide me over till 30th November when next appointment is scheduled.

However, I felt a bit "?" about sending in the secretary to tell me there were "post operative changes". THat wasn't very good was it? In the end I got some satisfaction but had to ask for her to speak to me but I feel she would have been just as happy if I had tootled off out of it. Do I write in a huffy letter or let it go

ragged Sun 08-Nov-15 13:58:52

Do you think you will see her again? Doesn't sound like it.
If it makes you feel better then write the letter but maybe just chalk it up to experience & move on.

If you might see her again I wouldn't write a huffy letter, just note her limitations.

lolaflores Sun 08-Nov-15 14:09:43

Not seeing her again. Just wonder how often she hands out such shoddy care to other patients.

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