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Surveillance In the Home - AIBU?

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Sighing Fri 06-Nov-15 09:09:44

There's a kickstarter I've been posted a link to by a friend who thinks a "cute" surveillance camera for my home is a great idea. The promo shows you can put it in various discrete spots around the home to monitor your children and check photos / recordings on your phone.
I thought she sent it as a joke. Actually, I don't want to spy on my DD's (7&9) and I'd be REALLY concerned if she did that when DD's are playing at hers.
I realise I am ancient and out of touch with technology (40) blush vs. her 29. But. Isn't this too much? They're in the home / private space. I really don't want to watch them gawping in a mirror to pick their noses etc.
Anyway. There's a kickstarter I'm not paying into but AIBU to be wondering why a parent feels that level of monitori g is necessary?

Sighing Fri 06-Nov-15 09:12:09

For full disclosure, I am twitchy about privacy. Anyone opening my post, looking at my phone does get to me a lot. Do I need to lighten up? Should I be more concerned for my children?

expatinscotland Fri 06-Nov-15 09:13:38

I'm old, too, 44. But Jesus wept, have people really gone so far now that they simply cannot live their lives at all without fucking recording everything?


I would hesitate to send my DD to theirs to play. What next, a 'cute' camera in the lav, to make sure they're just doing their business in there?

LaContessaDiPlump Fri 06-Nov-15 09:15:30

I'm 34. I think that's bonkers, not cute.

Parietal Fri 06-Nov-15 09:15:42

i think you are quite right to be concerned. there is no need to watch / be watched all the time. and it gives children the wrong idea about privacy if they are always being watched. They should learn to protect their privacy and not share everything on social media / be watched all the time.

if you can see your kids bedroom over the internet on this gadget, there is a chance that a hacker can get access and see it too, and especially as the children become teens, that is not healthy.

SisterMoonshine Fri 06-Nov-15 09:19:08

I'd have issues when I grew up, if my parents did anything like that.
I'm not sure I'd ever get over it and forgive them.
I can envisage all sorts of trust problems.

Sighing Fri 06-Nov-15 09:19:14

I didn't even consider the security angle. Yuck. Yes that's probably more of a concern. Thanks.

TheHouseOnTheLane Fri 06-Nov-15 09:19:57

No YANBU it's a real invasion. Some children are hitting puberty at 9 ffs! Why would they want to be spied on!

Babies under a year with those camera monitors fine....any older and it's weird.

howtorebuild Fri 06-Nov-15 09:25:55

Where do these people find the time to watch the recordings?

StatisticallyChallenged Fri 06-Nov-15 09:49:11

"Babies under a year with those camera monitors fine....any older and it's weird."

Surely this depends on the layout of the house, the child etc? I'm in no way saying that it's a good idea to have them up just so you can snoop on your child endlessly as the OP's friend seems to be suggesting, but in our house if DD is in her bed and we're in the livingroom then we genuinely cannot hear her at all as the walls are ridiculously thick. We have a video monitor for this reason. She's now old enough that I've explained that we can't hear her and if she needs us she needs to come downstairs but she's only really been mature enough to understand this fairly recently (she's 5.) I tried before and she would just scream and get ridiculously upset that we weren't coming, but wouldn't come and get us.

There's no way we could have coped without some sort of monitor at 2/3.

It doesn't record though!

Stompylongnose Fri 06-Nov-15 09:50:17

It's very creepy.

I understand how some people end up having cctv for outside areas because of anti social behaviour but home is where you should be able to relax and pick your nose etc in peace.

The other problem would be security of the data. I imagine that the recordings would be saved on the Internet and vunerable to hackers who could use it for blackmail or perverts.

I have a huge amount of video. Who is going to be watching it all and why?

bleedingheart Fri 06-Nov-15 09:51:30

YANBU Sighing, I don't understand the point. If you aren't in the house with the children surely you've left them with people you trust and if you are in the house with about spending time with them rather than watching a live feed of their adventures with Lego?

Hate the idea of being secretly watched by people I trust.

I agree about the security aspect too, wasn't there a scam where people were taking over web cams remotely? Something like that is surely possible.

Chattymummyhere Fri 06-Nov-15 10:42:04

Our outside is covered in CCTV and we have one in our kitchen to watch the dogs. I wouldn't want one in bedrooms/landings you no the general area where people might be naked even if just in passing.

I've been broken into before though so might not be the best person to ask as I also have sensor and door mains alarm that rings my mobile, sound as well as motion sets off my cameras which are linked to my phone and laptop.

givemushypeasachance Fri 06-Nov-15 10:49:45

Cameras marketed as "nanny cams" for watching people caring for children in your home have been on sale for years - there was a legal case in the US back in 2003 where video footage from one was used in an assault case (though it was later discredited) so it's not really a new thing. Creepy as heck though.

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