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Feeling sorry for myself!!

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Unreasonablebetty Wed 04-Nov-15 00:31:14

The beginning of October I caught some kind of virus, it took me two weeks to recover, I had a week of feeling well. I was excited for half term with DD
The kids broke up for half term on the Friday before last, Monday she came down with a fever, so We stayed indoors, and went to the Drs on Tuesday. Confirmed that she had tonsillitis.
She starts to feel better on Friday, Saturday I come down with a temperature, and yesterday I went to the Drs, tonsillitis and I've got cracks on my throat caused by the dryness.
Dd has an appointment straight after me, because she's no longer complaining of the sore throat, but she looks knackered and she seems to have a really runny nose, bacterial infection and Dr says just give her a few days off of school, chances are she's just picked it up being so run down from tonsillitis, as soon as she seems to be feeling better send her back to school.

I feel so sorry for us, it feels like the only time we've really been out for ages is to the Drs or boots.

We're kind of sickly people, you can literally bet that if there's a throat infection going around we will catch it, I've been the same since I was 12- and it's only gotten worse since I had my tonsils out at 15- apparently I still get tonsillitis cos the tonsils are only shaved off..? And Dd has been referred to the ENT to have hers taken out, as she's had 7 throat infections in 12 Months.

I just want a bit of a moan, cos it's frustrating that we spend so much time holed up so we don't pass our lergies on, and i get so panicky when my girls Ill. I'm just miserable at the moment. It has a knock on effect. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and it ruins my moods because if I'm ill my sleeps thrown out of kilter, and if my girls ill, I don't sleep properly because I get anxious that she might need me when I'm sleeping. And then I feel awful cos I feel to blame that one of us is always at the Drs, and I can't figure out what I'm doing so wrong!

Mmmmcake123 Wed 04-Nov-15 00:48:47

Oh poor you and your family, being sick at half term when you have so many ideas for good times is horrid. Think forward, it's done now and you can't change it. Think future healthy for Xmas hols!!!cake

Unreasonablebetty Wed 04-Nov-15 00:53:54

mmmcake (seeing if it goes bold, if so its my new party trick!- just learnt how to do it on the forum!)

It is awful, it has been. We spent the back end of the summer holidays in the same predicament, hoping we don't end up the same at Christmas, cos last year my daughter had strep throat then I did, and that ruined both Christmas and my girls birthday!- she's a Boxing Day baby.

Really hoping we can make the most out of the Xmas holidays!!

Thank you. X

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