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To be completely obsessed with Dominic West?

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Tomatoesareyum Tue 03-Nov-15 13:16:06

Now that I have got over him as Fred West and have started watching Thr Affiar. He's gorgeous and I have just spent the last half hour finding videos of him talking in his normal English accent.

ImperialBlether Tue 03-Nov-15 13:19:33

He will always be Fred West to me. I wish he hadn't played that part.

The80sweregreat Tue 03-Nov-15 13:24:25

He was in a film called ' Pride' about the 80s miners strikers in Wales. He played a gay man who could really dance. I thought he was brilliant as Fred West too. Very unrated actor.

hebihebi Tue 03-Nov-15 13:25:01

I've only seen him in The Wire. I've herd The Affair is pretty good. Isn't he married to someone terribly posh?

Tomatoesareyum Tue 03-Nov-15 13:28:07

I think he's the most fantastic actor and yes, The Affair is excellent

hebihebi Tue 03-Nov-15 13:28:42

Oh, apparently he's terribly posh in real life too. I just can't imagine it somehow. I'll have to find an interview with him. I've only heard him doing accents.

squoosh Tue 03-Nov-15 13:29:23

He made a documentary recently about going on a pilgrimage to India with his old school friend who is some kind of holy man.

I won't lie, I fancied them both.

ThatsHowYouGetAnts Tue 03-Nov-15 13:30:36

I liked him in the first 2-3 series of The Wire, until his character started pissing me off. Now his character in the Affair is pissing me off grin

So I am sort of on the fence with him.

SarahLinden Tue 03-Nov-15 13:32:22

I would.

squoosh Tue 03-Nov-15 13:33:07

He went to Eton I believe and his wife has a title, so pretty posh!

In fact the wife's family are selling up the ancestral Irish pile, Tatler had an article on it recently.

(I'm not v posh and don't regularly read Tatler)

Asteria36 Tue 03-Nov-15 13:33:50

DH totally understands my love for the marvellous Mr West - he is a little unnerved by my having a mutual friend with him.
<Polishes Groucho Marx disguise and stalker trench-coat>

JeffsanArsehole Tue 03-Nov-15 13:35:45

He's a great actor but his face is too mobile for me to fancy

leedy Tue 03-Nov-15 15:33:57

Friend of mine went on a date with him when we were in college. Apparently quite full of himself.

TinklyLittleLaugh Tue 03-Nov-15 15:36:59

Oh God he is so so hot in The Wire. He just does this, "Come on let's have a shag, you know you want to" smile. So so hot.

AuntGertrude Tue 03-Nov-15 16:24:56

He was brilliant as Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady in Sheffield a couple of years ago -

OnlyLovers Tue 03-Nov-15 16:26:13

Oh I can't bear him! Genuinely think he's ugly, and I get the impression he's totally in love with himself.

I don't think he can act either. Was shit in The Hour; totally outclassed by Romola Garai, Anna Chancellor et al.

Sorry if that's put a bit of a damper on things. blush grin

MitzyLeFrouf Tue 03-Nov-15 16:29:00

I can't tell whether you like him or not OnlyLovers. Stop being so vague!

LoisWilkersonsLastNerve Tue 03-Nov-15 16:30:27

He's a terrific actor. I can't say I noticed his appearance. *sniffs

OnlyLovers Tue 03-Nov-15 16:30:55

grin Mitzy.

LoisWilkersonsLastNerve Tue 03-Nov-15 16:32:25

jeff face is too mobile? Please explain! grin

MitzyLeFrouf Tue 03-Nov-15 16:33:58

I don't know about DW's face being too mobile but David Tenant's definitely is! And Jim Carrey's.

Stop wiggling your faces men!

Maudofallhopefulness Tue 03-Nov-15 16:38:52

I used to fancy him, but went off him knowing he's an Eton boy. Like Damian Lewis, I went off him too. I'm an oik.

LoisWilkersonsLastNerve Tue 03-Nov-15 16:39:24

Arf! I get it now. Ta mitzy

LoisWilkersonsLastNerve Tue 03-Nov-15 16:42:35

squoosh So you accidentally tripped and fell on an open copy of Tatler hmmmm?

OnlyLovers Tue 03-Nov-15 16:49:45

^^ It happens. it happens with The Lady sometimes too

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